Heart Smart

The NMR LipoProfile test uses nuclear magnetic resonance to measure blood cholesterol levels. LipoProfile has been clinically proven more to be a more effective predictor of heart disease than other cholesterol tests.

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Keeping It Fresh

The SmartFresh system extends the life of fresh produce by putting the ripening process on hold while produce is packed and shipped. SmartFresh cuts losses for producers while improving quality for consumers.

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Detecting Cat Scratch Fever

Bartonella ePCR is a test to detect active infection with Bartonella bacteria, the pathogen that causes cat scratch disease. Bartonella infection can cause life-threatening complications in immune-compromised patients. The Bartonella ePCR test is four to five times more sensitive than other polymerase chain reaction tests for Bartonella.

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Versazyme is a pioneering animal feed enzyme that helps farmers grow bigger, healthier chickens and pigs while providing significant environmental benefits.

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Supporting Innovation

The Office of Technology Transfer at NC State helps researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs start new companies and license novel technology for commercial production. With more than 100 start-ups and more than 270 products brought to market, we know how to bring beautiful solutions to life.

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