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The University Medallion

The NC State University Medallion is worn by the chancellor for ceremonial occasions such as commencement, convocations and installations.

Similar to the University Mace, the medallion is derived from the Middle Ages, the period of the birth of the modern university.

The North Carolina State University Medallion.

Today, universities strike medallions to commemorate special events, the contributions of exceptional individuals and to recognize individuals in positions of responsibility.

The NC State University Medallion also has been designed with symbolic gestures.

The necklace has been shaped by two circles of differing focal points, representing the diverse nature of academic community. It includes pieces that combine into a whole, further signifying that many voices comprise the NC State community.

The chain is joined by a small disk inscribed with the year of the founding of the university (1887) in tribute to the vision of the founders.

The medallion joined to the necklace is the seal of the university, a representation of the responsibility and authority of the chancellor.

The necklace and medallion are fashioned from custom-made gold-plated brass. This choice of materials represents the pride of the university community in its accomplishments. It is a sign of the wealth of knowledge at NC State University.

The medallion and necklace were first designed by Mary Ann Scherr. It has been redesigned and reconfigured by a team that included College of Design Dean Marvin J. Malecha, Chris Jordan (1975, Product Design), Jack Lancaster and Sarah Tector.

Detail of the University's Seal cast for the middle of the medallion.