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Certificates of Congratulations

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In celebration of Dr. W. Randolph Woodson's installation as 14th chancellor of North Carolina State University, an overwhelming number of educational leaders from colleges and universities across the country sent Chancellor Woodson their congratulations in the form of certificates to commemorate this special day in NC State's history.

Chancellor Woodson sincerely appreciates the support extended to him from his peers and is pleased to share their kind words with the community.

Chancellor Woodson speaking
Chancellor Randy Woodson has received congratulations and letters of support from educational institutions all across the country.

Recognizing NC State’s critical role as a national and global leader in research, discovery and technical disciplines, colleges and universities continue to demonstrate support for Chancellor Woodson.

As evinced by the gracious certificates they have sent, college and university leaders welcome Chancellor Woodson as an influential member of the Higher Education community.

Chancellor Woodson has made it clear he plans to further NC State's influence in national and global innovation.

In his vision statement, the Chancellor says, "As we begin a new era at NC State, we are charting a new path — one that will take us to a destination of achievement and excellence we have not seen before."


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