Friends of the Arboretum Annual Plant Distribution

List of plants available on October 6, 2001

1 Acer palmatum "Japanese maple" - Diverse foliage forms of seedlings from one of the most beloved small trees; JCRA's symbol.
2 Adina chinensis "Sputnik plant" - Sprawling deciduous shrub. Star-like flowers and glossy leaves. Full sun or part shade. Easily hedged.
3 Allium senescens var. calcareum "German garlic" - Bulb that blooms in summer-autumn with lilac umbels. Sun.
4 Alnus glutinosa 'Imperialis' "royal alder" - Superb foliage on this deciduous tree, tolerant of wet and nutrient poor soils. Sun.
5 Amsonia hubrichtii "Ozark blue-star" - Herbaceous perennial of mounding form with fine-textured, narrow foliage with rich gold tints in fall.
6 Aquilegia hirsutissima "columbine" - Herbaceous perennial for shade. Blooms in spring.
7 Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima' "red chokeberry" - Upright, multi-stemmed, native shrub with scarlet fall color and large red berries in winter.
8 Asarum splendens "Chinese wild ginger" - Vigorous evergreen groundcover. Mottled leaves & large dark purple, lurid flowers. Shade.
9 Asclepias physocarpus "swamp milkweed" - Large, 2-4' tall butterfly plant with white flowers. Seed pod is a spiny see-through bladder. Tender.
10 Aster carolinianus "climbing aster" - Native, vining aster with lavender flowers in fall. Produces woody stems that do not die back. Sun.
11 Berberis thunbergii 'Kelleriis' "Japanese barberry" - Compact 4 x 5' shrub. Green foliage speckled white. Best in full sun. Good thorny barrier.
12 Bignonia capreolata 'Tangerine Beauty' "crossvine" - Vigorous woody vine. Flowers are a bright deep-orange. Sun.
13 Camellia sasanqua 'Cleopatra' "sasanqua camellia" - A vigorous fall bloomer with semi-double pink blooms. Evergreen shrub to small tree.
14 Camellia sasanqua 'Hiru' "sasanqua camellia" - Crimson-red, single to semi-double flowers. Shade. Evergreen shrub to small tree.
15 Cercis siliquastrum "Judas-tree" - Pale rose or magenta flowers; wide dark green leaves; flowers and leaves can be present at same time.
16 Chaenomeles japonica 'Pygmaea' "Japanese quince" - Low, spreading, cold-hardy shrub. Bright red-orange blooms followed by fragrant yellow fruits.
17 Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Tetragona Aurea' "Hinoki falsecypress" - Pyramidal evergreen with new yellow foliage in summer. Best in full sun.
18 Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Intermedia' "Sawara falsecypress" - Evergreen tree with pyramidal habit. Pretty peeling bark. Sun.
19 Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Snow' "dwarf falsecypress" - Dwarf shrub with rounded habit. Blue-grey foliage is tipped white. Tends to burn in full sun.
20 Clematis tibetana "Tibetan clematis" - Perennial vine. Finely cut bluish foliage. Yellow, Japanese-lantern-like flowers in summer.
21 Cornus stolonifera 'Cardinal' "red-osier dogwood" - Rounded broad-spreading shrub with red stems. Great plant for winter interest.
22 Cornus stolonifera 'Kelseyi' "dwarf red-osier dogwood" - Low-growing compact plant, 2' tall. Spreads by underground stems. Sun to part-shade.
23 Cotinus obovatus "American smoketree" - Large upright deciduous shrub. Fantastic fall color from yellow to orange to red-maroon.
24 Deschampsia caespitosa "fairy wand-grass" - Pleated foliage. Plant does well in moist spots. Flowers in spring from yellow to purple.
25 Elaeocarpus sylvestris "false blueberry" - Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Sun & shade. Somewhat tender, best in eastern NC or protected areas.
26 Elymus racemosa " giant dune grass" - Blue blades; ornamental grass for dry rocky areas and along the coast; vigorous spreading habit.
27 Eryngium planum "flat sea holly" - Perennial with spineless heart-shaped leaves and silver-blue flowers. Performs well in the South.
28 Eryngium serra "sharp sea holly" - Perennial plant with spiny sword-shaped leaves. White flowers in fall. Full sun and dry soils.
29 Eucomis comosa "pineapple-lily" - Perennial with wide green, strap leaves with purple spots on underleaf. White blooms in summer.
30 Euonymus bungeanus "winterberry euonymus" - Small tree with attractive bark and bright pink fruits in summer to fall. Pink-yellow fall color.
31 Euonymus phellomanus "Chinese winged euonymus" - Deciduous shrub, 10' or more eventually, with corky twigs in winter. Sun to part-shade.
32 Euphorbia x martinii "Martin's spurge" - herb. per. w/ shrub-like form; sea-green foliage; reddish stems; yellow & red-dotted flowers. Sun.
33 Exochorda giraldii "redbud pearlbush" - Upright floppy shrub with white flowers in March /April. Likes hot dry summers. Sun to part-sun.
34 Forsythia 'Tremonia' "forsythia" - Deciduous shrub with yellow spring flowers. Sun
35 Gardenia augusta "gardenia" - Evergreen medium-sized shrub; hardy; fragrant white flowers. Attractive, curious, orange fruits.
36 Ginkgo biloba "ginkgo" - Large deciduous tree; yellow fall color; seedlings from the Arboretum's tree in the Japanese Garden, Z4-8.
37 Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena' "copper witchhazel" - Winter blooming large shrub; copper-orange fragrant flowers.
38 Hemerocallis "daylily"- Tough herbaceous perennial for sunny areas.
39 Hesperaloe funifera "false yucca" - Evergreen clumping perennial; leaves with white margins, flowers green tinged with purple; full sun.
40 Hibiscus 'Moy Grande' "perennial hibiscus" - Herbaceous perennial with huge, deep red flowers. Sun.
41 Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nikko Blue' "French hydrangea" - Large, round, blue inflorescences. 6' deciduous shrub.
42 Hydrangea macrophylla 'Otaksa' "French hydrangea" - Old Chinese cultivar with mophead flowers, varying from pink to blue. Part-sun to part-shade.
43 Hydrangea serrata f. acuminata "woodland hydrangea" - Newly introduced species. Greater cold hardiness. Lace-cap flowers. Sun to part-shade.
44 Ilex 'Carolina Sentinel' Evergreen holly with pyramidal habit and red fruit. JCRA Selections winner. Proven performer & "Nellie" alternative.
45 Ilex 'Lydia Morris' Evergreen upright pyramidal holly to 12', red berries. An "oldie but goodie."
46 Ilex x koehneana 'Wirt L. Winn' "Koehne holly" - Superb evergreen holly that is as good as the commonly-grown 'Nellie R. Stevens'. Sun to part-sun.
47 Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother' "Siberian iris"- Clumping herbaceous perennial. Beautiful, deep purple flowers. Sun.
48 Iris virginica 'Contraband Girl' "blue flag iris" - A native water iris. Vigorous selection with larger blue purple flowers & purple-tinged leaves in spring.
49 Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka' "Hollywood juniper" - Evergreen tree or shrub with upright habit. Slight twisting of branches. Best in full sun.
50 Juniperus conferta 'Silver Mist' "shore juniper" - Low growing juniper to 16" high. Unusual for its outstanding silver-blue color foliage. Sun.
51 Juniperus virginiana var. silicicola 'Brodie' "Southern redcedar" - Columnar conifer with bright-green foliage. Salt tolerant. An underutilized native. Sun.
52 Lagerstroemia 'Diane' "crepe myrtle" - One of the hybrid crepe myrtles. A vigorous grower (>20' tall) with lavender-pink flowers in summer.
53 Lagerstroemia fauriei "Japanese crepe myrtle" - Deciduous, vigorous medium-size tree; copper-red bark; white flowers. Sun to part-sun.
54 Lagerstroemia indica 'Christiana' "common crepe myrtle" - Red flowers with yellow stamens in summer. Small to medium sized shrub. Sun.
55 Lagerstroemia indica 'Firebird' "crepe myrtle" - Vivid, rose-pink flowers on medium-sized tree over 10' tall.
56 Lagerstroemia indica 'Glendora White' "crepe myrtle" - Snow white flowers on a large-statured crepe myrtle, 25' tall by 20' wide.
57 Lagerstroemia indica 'June Marie' "crepe myrtle" - Lavender-pink flowers in summer. Best in full sun. A vigorous grower, probably reaching 15-20' tall.
58 Lagerstroemia indica 'Majestic Orchid' "crepe myrtle"- A cultivar with vivid orchid-pink flowers on a 20' by 15' tree.
59 Lagerstroemia indica 'Petite Orchid' "crepe myrtle" - Dwarf, upright cultivar to 5' tall. Dark orchid blooms in summer.
60 Lagerstroemia indica 'Pink Lace' "crepe myrtle" - Medium sized shrub to 10-12' tall. Clear pink flowers produced throughout summer.
61 Lagerstroemia indica 'Seminole' "crepe myrtle"- Nice medium-sized cultivar, growing 8-12' tall by 6' wide with rick pink flowers.
62 Lagerstroemia indica 'Twilight' "crepe myrtle" - Large shrub or small tree with dark purple flowers in summer.
63 Lagerstroemia 'Muskogee' "crepe myrtle" - A U.S. Nat'l Arboretum hybridforming a large-growing (21'+) tree with light lavender-pink flowers.
64 Lagerstroemia subcostata "white-barked crepe myrtle" - Deciduous tree with white flowers in summer and exquisite ivory-skinned bark. Sun.
65 Leycesteria formosa "pheasant-eye" - Deciduous shrub with cane-like growth. Attractive "pagoda-like" flowers. Part-shade to shade.
66 Ligustrum japonicum 'Silver Stars' "variegated Japanese privet" - Variegated evergreen shrub with moderate growth rate. Sun to part-sun.
67 Liriope kansuensis "Gansu lily-turf" - Evergreen clumping groundcover, similar to Liriope muscari. Potentially much hardier. Sun to shade.
68 listed as Widdringtonia nodiflora, but probably Platycladus orientalis "Mlanji Cedar"- Tree or shrub with conical habit. Blue-green leaves and cones. Best in full sun.
69 Lobelia siphilitica "big blue lobelia" - Herbaceous perennial with blue flowers. Needs abundant moisture to thrive.
70 Lonicera alseuosmoides "shiny-leaf honeysuckle" - Evergreen vine with dark lustrous leaves and yellow flowers.
71 Lonicera sempervirens 'Magnifica' "trumpet honeysuckle" - Twining, deciduous vine with bright red flowers, produced through the year. Red berries in fall.
72 Nandina domestica 'Aurea' "heavenly bamboo" - Evergreen shrub with yellow fruits and yellow-tinged foliage.
73 Nolina arenicola "sand bear-grass" - Evergreen relative of yuccas & agaves. Narrow foliage and clusters of tiny white flowers. Sun.
74 Osmanthus fragrans f. aurantiacus 'Conger Yellow' "sweet-olive" - Variation on a theme. Yellow-flowering form of classic southern evergreen shrub. Sun to part-sun.
75 Osmunda cinnamomea "cinnamon fern" - Hardy fern for shade. Spore-bearing fronds appear in rich, handsome, cinnamon tints.
76 Pachysandra stylosa "Chinese pachysandra" - New evergreen groundcover with attractive foliage and fast growth rate. Part-shade to shade.
77 Phellodendron amurense "Amur corktree" - Medium-sized tree (up to 35' for us). Attractive corky bark, black fruit and clear yellow fall color.
78 Phlomis tuberosa "Jerusalem sage" - Herbaceous perennial with pubescent foliage and purple or pink flowers in summer.
79 Pieris japonica "Japanese andromeda" - Broadleaf evergreen shrub; white urn-shaped flowers in spring. Shade recommended.
80 Pinellia tripartita "false dragon" - Herbaceous perennial with three basal leaves and purple spathe. Best in shade.
81 Pistacia chinensis "Chinese pistache" - Medium-sized oval to round deciduous tree. Brilliant orange to orange-red fall color.
82 Pittosporum heterophyllum "Chinese pittosporum" - Evergreen mounding to screening shrub with fragrant yellow flowers. Hardy at least(!) to Z7.
83 Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' "hardy orange" - A hardy citrus of contorted habit with fragrant white flowers. Sun to light shade. Very sour fruit.
84 Potentilla fruticosa 'Maanelys' "bush cinquefoil" - Small dense shrub of rounded habit with soft yellow flowers, persisting from June to frost. Full sun.
85 Prunus persica 'NCSU Dwarf Double Red' "dwarf flowering peach" - 3-5' tall ornamental peach with double, red flowers. Comes true from seed. Fruit not edible.
86 Prunus persica (seedlings from Corinthian series) "common peach" - Green- and red-leaved seedlings. Columnar shaped trees. Best in full sun.
87 Pterocarya tonkinensis "Tonkin wingnut" - Deciduous tree with very rapid growth, nice foliage and hanging chains of tiny winged nuts. Sun.
88 Rhododendron 'Fred D. Cochran' "evergreen azalea" - Red azalea with superior resistance to root rot. An NCSU introduction. Named for Prof. Emeritus.
89 Rohdea japonica "sacred lily of China" - Evergreen herbaceous perennial with lustrous, dark green leaves and red berries. Shade-tolerant.
90 Rosa Carefree Delight™ "shrub rose" - Shrub of low, mounding habit with dark glossy foliage. Single, deep pink flowers, produced abundantly.
91 Rosa x odorata 'Mutabilis' "Chinese fading rose" - Shrub with single, fragrant flowers changing from yellow-orange to salmon pink to deep pink.
92 Rudbeckia triloba "three-lobed coneflower" - Biennial to short-lived perennial with small yellow flowers, raised black central discs. Sun.
93 Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki' "variegated willow" - Medium sized tree with electric lime green new growth in spring. Best in full sun to part shade.
94 Sapindus mukorossi "Chinese soapberry" - Medium-sized shade tree. Leaves turn yellow-gold in fall. Translucent orange-brown fruits.
95 Sarcococca ruscifolia "sweet box" - Small, slow-growing evergreen shrub with fragrant white flowers and dark red berries.
96 Saxifraga stolonifera 'Maroon Beauty' "strawberry geranium" - Groundcover for shade. Silver foliage with maroon veins. Unusual white flowers in summer.
97 Sedum 'John Creech' "stonecrop" - Low-growing, mat-like sedum with thick bronze discs for leaves. Full sun and good drainage recommended.
98 Sedum tetractinum "Chinese sedum" - Groundcover forming dense mat with neat round leaves, turning bronze-purple in fall. Sun to part-sun.
99 Silene dioica "morning campion" - Perennial with erect flowering stalks displaying rosy-pink to red flowers in late spring.
100 Silphium perfoliatum "cup plant" - Large herbaceous perennial with sturdy stalks bearing yellow, daisy-like blooms in late summer.
101 Sophora japonica "Japanese pagoda tree" - Medium to large, upright tree. Rich green compound foliage & white flowers in late summer.
102 Spiraea media "Korean spirea" - Deciduous shrub of erect habit with white flowers and dark green serrated leaves. Best in full sun.
103 Stipa extremiorientalis "eastern feather grass" - 3-4' tall, showy, plume-like flowers on this ornamental grass. Best in sunny, well-drained sites.
104 Stipa splendens "chee grass" - Perennial grass with showy flowers, purple and white in summer. Best in well-drained, full sun sites.
105 Stokesia laevis "Stokes' aster" - Native perennial with dark evergreen leaves and bright blue flowers.
106 Styrax japonicus 'Snowfall' "Japanese snowbell" - New snowbell of dense, rounded form, with prolific white flowers in spring. Found on NCSU campus.
107 Tamarix ramosissima "tamarisk" - Loose open shrub with fine-textured foliage. Rosy-pink blooms in summer. Full sun. Tolerates poor soils.
108 Taxus wallichiana var. chinensis "Chinese yew" - Evergreen shrub with handsome needles and red-brown bark. Best adapted yew for the South.
109 Trachelospermum jasminoides 'Madison' "hardy Confederate jessamine" - Evergreen vine with fragrant flowers. A more cold hardy cultivar. Sun to shade, Z7.
110 Verbena macdougallii "verbena" - Herbaceous perennial vwith salvia-like, purple bloom stalks. Flowers over a long period.
111 Vitex rotundifolia "beach vitex" - Deciduous groundcover, highly salt and drought tolerant. Round, silver leaves and soft purple flowers.
112 Xanthorhiza simplicissima "yellowroot" - Tall groundcover, to 2-3' tall. Dense thicket with good yellow-orange fall color. Does well in moist areas.

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