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Gala Container Garden Contest

The JCRA Gala in the Garden committee is asking for your help. We're holding a Container Garden Contest as a part of the fund raising efforts for Gala 2005. Containers have been ordered and you may call Donna at (919) 513-3826 to reserve your space on the list. We will need only 22, so don't wait if you're interested - first come, first served. Containers should be available to you on or before March 15, 2005. Everyone is encouraged to enter. We hope to hear from our professional friends at nurseries and garden centers, garden clubs, individuals, etc. JCRA paid staff may not enter but volunteers are eligible. These gardens will be viewed by hundreds of attendees at our Gala as part of our decorations and auction and the winner will receive coverage in our (to be renamed) Lyons' Den, our newsletter, and our Web site.

Container Garden Contest Guidelines

The JCRA will supply a 20" sandstone colored "Carribean Pot" for each contestant.

The contestant supplies all planting medium and plants.

Total weight of the container garden must not exceed 40 lbs.

No cosmetic or structural changes may be made to the container.

No non-botanical items (yard art) are to be used.

Each contestant will be asked to sign a letter of commitment to ensure promptness of delivery.

All entries must be delivered to the JCRA by the contestant on April 29, 2005 (Friday) between 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM, ready for judging and presentation at the Gala.

All entries become the property of the JCRA and will be auctioned at the Gala. All proceeds from the auction of the containers will be placed directly into the JCRA Gala Fund.

Each contestant will supply the following information (a form will be provided):

Judges will be chosen by the JCRA staff and all decisions will be final.

The prize for the winning entry will be a brick engraved with:


Two tickets to Gala 2006

The winner will be notified after judging on Saturday evening and signage will be placed on the winning entry. We are considering holding a live auction for the winner during the dessert social at the finale of the Gala..

Suggestions and Thoughts

The emphasis is on perennials but annuals, herbs, woodies, conifers, and vines may be used.
Choose plants with similar vigor and cultural needs.
Combine plants that peak early with varieties that bloom later in the season.
Keep in mind that the containers will be placed on the ground for both judging and as decorations at the Gala.

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