Annual Plant Distribution
List of Available Plants

# Botanical name "common name" – description (#=number on tag that these plants will be behind at the give away)

1 Abelia mosanensis "Mosang abelia" – large-growing deciduous shrub 8' tall; red and white sweet-scented flowers, weigela-like, in spring

2 Abelia x grandiflora "glossy abelia" – one of the icon plants of Southern gardens; evergreen shrub with white flowers, showy summer to fall

3 Acer palmatum "Japanese maple" – diverse foliage forms of seedlings from one of the most beloved small trees; the Arboretum's symbol

4 Actinidia arguta "hardy kiwi" – twining vine; deciduous, glossy, dark-green foliage; reddish twigs; edible fruit on the female plants

5 Amsonia hubrichtii "Ozark blue-star" – herbaceous perennial of mounding form with fine-textured, narrow foliage displaying gold tints in fall

6 Amsonia tabernaemontana "common blue-star" – mounding herbaceous perennial; pale blue attractive flowers in spring; drought-tolerant, tough

7 Aster ericoides 'Schneegitter' "heath aster" – dwarf 4-6" tall ground-cover perennial with pure white flowers in autumn

8 Aucuba japonica f. longifolia "narrowleaf aucuba" – shade-tolerant, evergreen shrub; green (not variegated) foliage; red berries w/ nearby males

9 Baptisia australis " wild blue indigo" – herbaceous perennial; rich blue stately spikes of flowers above emerald-green, 3-parted foliage

10 Camellia sasanqua "sasanqua camellia" – a classically Southern evergreen shrub/small tree; autumn flowers pink or white, often single

11 Ceanothus x delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles' "ceanothus" – deciduous shrub; rich, powder-blue flowers produced in summer to fall, set against dark green foliage

12 Cephalanthus occidentalis "buttonbush" – deciduous shrub with whitish-yellow flowers shaped like buttons,medium size shrub

13 Cephalotaxus harringtonia "Japanese plum-yew" – coniferous evergreen; heat, drought, shade, sun, heat and deer tolerant; nonetheless a rare plant

14 Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Fastigiata' "upright Japanese plum-yew" – a not-too-commonly seen evergreen; black-green foliage; deer- and heat-resistant

15 Cercis chinensis "Chinese redbud" – suckering deciduous shrubs 10-12' tall; early spring rosy-purple flowers (darker than C. canadensis)

16 Cercis racemosa "chain-flowered redbud" – deciduous tree 15-20'; pale lilac-pink flowers in pendulous racemes, like mini wisterias

17 Chaenomeles speciosa 'Toyo-nishiki' "flowering quince" – large deciduous shrub 8-10' tall; striking coral-pink, white, combination flowers late winter to spring

18 Chamaecyparis nootkatensis "Nootka falsecypress" – a parent to the omnipresent Leyland cypress; densely branched, graceful, semi-pendulous form

19 Chamaecyparis thyoides 'Rubicon' "Atlantic white-cedar" – juvenile with tight, columnar form; soft blue-green foliage that turns plum-purple in winter

20 Chionanthus retusus "Chinese fringe tree" – short deciduous tree; freely flowering white, fleecy spring flowers hiding glossy green foliage

21 Cladrastis kentukea "yellowwood" – deciduous tree 40' tall; compound foliage of dappled shade, brilliant fall yellow; white "pea" flowers

22 Clethra alnifolia "summersweet clethra" – suckering, deciduous shrub; yellow fall foliage; white sweet-scented upright flowers in summer

23 Cryptomeria japonica "Japanese-cedar" – popular evergreen coniferous tree; now widely used for screening and also as an upright specimen

24 Cryptomeria japonica 'Black Dragon' "Japanese-cedar" – compact dense cultivar w/ irregular architectural form; bright green lvs age to dark black green

25 Cryptomeria japonica 'Dacrydioides' "Japanese-cedar" – tree-form 10-20'; gray-green foliage; rare whip-cord and tufted shoots; like Norfolk Island pine

26 Cryptomeria japonica 'Giokumo' "Japanese-cedar" – slow-growing plant with a dense, pyramidal form up to 8' tall; small, bright green foliage

27 Cryptomeria japonica 'Lobbii' "Japanese-cedar" - upright, architectural, tree-form evergreen; secondary branches in lumpy clusters; nice tree

28 Cryptomeria japonica 'Nana Albospica' "Japanese-cedar" – dense, globose to upright form with shoot tips variegated and white

29 Cytisus scoparius 'Moonlight' "Scotch broom" – deciduous shrub; cream-yellow pea-like spring flowers smother branches; green twigs; persistent

30 Deutzia crenata 'Summer Snow' "scalloped deutzia" – low-medium deciduous shrub 2-4' tall; med. green lvs., marked white, & white flowers in late spring

31 Distylium racemosum 'Guppy' "dwarf distylium" – dwarf 3'; dense evergreen shrub; like witchhazel; inconspicuous red flowers; an overlooked shrub

32 Euonymous fortunei 'Green Lane' "wintercreeper euonymus" – evergreen, mounding 4-6' tall; clean, green lvs; pink fruits & orange seeds; scale-resistant

33 Euphorbia x martinii "Martin's spurge" – herb. per. w/ shrub-like form; sea-green foliage; reddish stems; yellow & red-dotted flowers

34 Gleditsia triacanthos "honeylocust" – tough, native deciduous tree; widely planted; consists of thorny or thornless seedlings

35 Habranthus robustus "rain-lily" – summer-flowering bulbous herbaceous perennial; rosy-pink flowers produced in abundance after summer rains

36 Habranthus tubispathus "rain-lily" – summer-flowering bulbous herbaceous perennial; bears upright pink flowers profusely

37 Helianthus maximiliani "Maximilian sunflower" – herbaceous perennial sunflower w/ flowers in spikes and leaves folded lengthwise; up to 10' tall

38 Helianthus (Perennial Border hybrid #2) "perennial sunflower" – herbaceous perrenial sunflower that arose spontaneously; produces sunflowers summer to fall

39 Helianthus simulans "muck sunflower" – herbaceous perennial sunflower, tolerant of heavy, wet soils; yellow disk and ray flowers

40 Helleborus sp. "lenten rose"-perennial that blooms in winter, needs shade.

41 Hibiscus moscheutos hybrids "common mallow" – big, bold, summer-blooming perennials; flowers red, pink, or white, sometimes with a red eye

42 Hippeastrum sp. "garden amaryllis" – unidentified cultivars from among the plethora of garden amaryllis planted through the Arboretum

43 Hosta 'Decorata' "hosta" – rhizomatous, medium-sized hosta (15"h x 42"w); leaves light green w/ thin white margins; a good groundcover

44 Hosta 'Golden Tiara' "hosta" – a "classic" hosta, the first small-sized cultivar with gold-margined leaves (first appeared in 1970s), now common

45 Hosta 'True Blue' "hosta" – blue-foliaged hosta forming large clumps (23"h x 52"w); almost-white flowers produced in early summer

46 Ilex cornuta 'D' Or' "yellow-fruited Chinese holly" – rare form of the commonly seen Burford holly; an indestructible, tough evergreen shrub

47 Ilex crenata "Japanese holly" – commonly seen evergreen dense shrub; often used in foundation plantings; tough and dependable

48 Iris pseudacorus hybrid "yellow flag" – commonly grown water iris; bold-foliage contrasts with bright gold-yellow flowers; a vigorous grower

49 Iris versicolor "blue flag" – commonly seen native iris, occurring on moist sites; flowers range from reddish-purple to blue-purple

50 Jasminium x stephanense "pink jasmine" – vigorous, deciduous, twining vine; flowers pink, fragrant, but not overly showy

51 Juniperus chinensis "Chinese juniper" – widely cultivated plant valued for its dwf, shrubby cvs; outstanding tolerance to tough conditions

52 Juniperus chinensis 'Corymbosa' "Chinese juniper" – compact form of the widely planted and landscape-tough Chinese juniper; rich green evergreen lvs.

53 Juniperus communis "common juniper" – this is a columnar form of a variable species (often seen as a low-mound or groundcover form)

54 Juniperus horizontalis 'Aunt Jemima' "creeping juniper" – native to northern U.S., but adaptable in South; groundcover evergreen, mat-forming; highly useful

55 Juniperus pingii "Ping juniper" – rarely seen, semi-prostrate shrub or small 20'; adaptable plant w/ attractive pendulous branchlets

56 Juniperus thurifera 'Nana' "dwarf incense juniper" – dwarf form of heat-tolerant juniper from Spain & n Africa; crushed foliage strongly scented

57 Kalmia latifolia "mountain laurel" – native evergreen shrub with light pink flowers in late spring; prefers rich, humousy soils

58 Lagerstroemia indica 'Carolina Beauty' "crepe myrtle" – one of the classic cultivars; mildew susceptible, but of unmistakable rich dark-pink flower color

59 Lagerstroemia indica 'Catawba' "crepe myrtle" – one of the U.S. Nat'l Arboretum hybrids; medium size (15' tall) w/ dk purple flowers; mildew resistant

60 Lagerstroemia indica 'Muskogee' "crepe myrtle" – one of the U.S. Nat'l Arboretum hybrids; large-growing (21'+) with light lavender-pink flowers

61 Lagerstroemia indica 'Victor' "crepe myrtle" – one of the U.S. Nat'l Arboretum hybrids; dwarf stature (3-5' tall) with rich dark red flowers

62 Leycesteria formosa "Himalayan honeysuckle" – deciduous shrub with cane-like growth habit; attractive "pagoda-like" flowers in spring

63 Lithocarpus chinensis "Chinese tanbark-oak" – evergreen tree related to true oaks; glossy leaves with bronzy iridescence underneath

64 Myrica heterophylla "southern bayberry" – deciduous shrub; leaves and twig bayberry scented; an underappreciated native shrub

65 Nandina domestica 'Harbour Dwarf' "dwarf nandina" – 24" tall, slowly-creeping low evergreen shrub; foliage tinges reddish-purple in the winter months

66 Nyssa sinensis "Chinese tupelo" – fast growing, adaptable tree with red-orange fall color; tolerant of heavy, clay soils

67 Philadelphus 'Natchez' "mock-orange" – commonly planted deciduous shrub; large (1-2") flowers, sweetly scented, produced in May

68 Photinia davidiana 'Palette' "variegated stranvaesia" – evergreen shrub with attractive white & pink-variegated lvs.; occasional red leaves

69 Physocarpus opulifolius "ninebark" – native, deciduous shrub; abundant white flowers, followed by reddish fruits; interesting shreddy bark

70 Platycladus orientalis 'Sanderi' "oriental arborvitae" – dwarf, juvenile form of commonly grown species; blue-green in summer; purplish in winter

71 Prunus laurocerasus 'Camelliifolia' "curly-leaf cherrylaurel" – interesting form of cherrylaurel with contorted, twisted leaves

72 Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken' "common cherrylaurel" – commonly grown evergreen shrub of dwarf stature (3'); foundation plant; white flowers in spring

73 Prunus mume "Japanese flowering apricot" – superb winter-flowering deciduous tree, 15-20'; edible fruit

74 Prunus 'Okame' " 'Okame' flowering cherry" – commonly seen tree with solid display of carmine-rose flowers in March; "lollipop" tree form

75 Prunus persica 'NCSU Dwarf Double Red' "dwarf flowering peach" – 3-4' tall, ornamental peach with double, red flowers; comes true from seed; fruit not edible

76 Prunus persica 'Pillar' "columnar peach" – an ornamental peach with upright growth habit; double flowers white or occasionally pink

77 Pterocarya stenoptera "Chinese wingnut" – the fastest growing tree at the Arb.; multitrunked plants w/ showy, pendulous small winged nuts

78 Quercus alba "white oak" – a signature native tree, commonly seen in the eastern U.S.; fabulous as an open, field-grown specimen

79 Quercus phillyreoides 'Emerald Sentinel' "columnar Ubame oak" – evergreen Japanese oak with upright growth habit; hardier than our native "live oak"

80 Rhododendron latoucheae "Mrs. Wilson's rhododendron"; form. R. wilsoniae; dense evergreen shrub w/ lavender pink flowers; heat tolerant

81 Robinia pseudoacacia "black locust" – common roadside plant valued for attractive white (wisteria-like) flwrs; a somewhat weedy tree, though

82 Rohdea japonica "sacred lily of China" – evergreen herbaceous perennial with lustrous, dark green, broad foliage; fully shade-tolerant

83 Rubus biflorus "ghost bramble" – nonvigorous Himalayan bramble, slowly spreading; canes covered in white wax, stunning in winter

84 Rumex sanguineus var.sanguineus "bloody dock" – hardy herbaceous perennial with bright red-veined leaves; leaves appear like "beet" foliage

85 Salix cinerea 'Tricolor' "tricolor willow" – deciduous shrub with early spring catkins and creamy-yellow mottled foliage

86 Selaginella uncinata "peacock moss" – one of the "fern allies" (not really a fern, but close enough); groundcover with blue-green foliage

87 Senna hebecarpa "wild senna" – form. Cassia hebecarpa; native perennial with showy yellow flowers in late summer; fabulous & underused

88 Sophora davidii "David's sophora" – deciduous shrub, semi-open, fine- textured form; attractive faint blue-white pea flwrs in spring

89 Spiraea salicifolia "bridewort" – suckering deciduous shrub, w/ attractive pink, pyramidal inflorescences; unknown "un-spirea-like" native

90 Symphoricarpos x chenaultii "Chenault coralberry" – spreading, arching shrub (3-6' tall); autumn fruit, reddish-pink (sun side) and white (shady side)

91 Ternstroemia gymnanthera "cleyera" – attractive evergreen shrub for sun with exceedingly glossy foliage; bronze-colored new growth

92 Thuja 'Green Giant' "arborvitae" – new, hybrid arborvitae; a Leyland cypress replacement; 30' tall, FAST, medium-green color; great plant

93 Thuja occidentalis 'Asplenifolia' "American arborvitae" – narrow, ascending form on full-sized arborvitae; branch tips semi-pendulous

94 Thuja occidentalis 'Sherwood Moss' "dwarf American arborvitae" – dense, dwarf cone (4' tall); soft foliage, turning bronze in winter

95 Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' "Emerald American arborvitae" – dense, conical form, to 10- 15' tall x 3-4' wide; excellent plant in southern landscapes

96 Vernonia arkansana "Arkansas ironweed" – herb. peren. w/ attractive dark green foliage, gray-glaucous beneath; violet purple summer flwrs

97 Viburnum dilatatum 'Erie' "linden viburnum" – deciduous shrub (to 6'); nice dark green foliage; white flwrs give rise to prolific red fruits fall-winter

98 Zephyranthes 'Sunset' "rain-lily" – one of the many fabulous summer-flowering selections of rain-lily, this one with coppery-pink flowers

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