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Summer/Fall 1995 Announcements Calendar

(Arboretum sponsored events listed in bold type)
August 3-6, 1995 (Thursday-Sunday)
Southern Nurserymen Association Research Conference and Trade Show
World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA.

August 4-5, 1995
American Conifer Society National Meeting
Asheville, NC

August 25 - 27, 1995
NCAN Summer Trade Show
Civic Center, Asheville, NC
Registration information and programs available from NCAN.

August 30, 1995 (Wednesday)
Friends of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Lecture
"Plant Exploration for Everyone"
J. C. Raulston
8 PM, 3712 Bostian Hall, NCSU Campus
The image of a "plant explorer" is of someone slogging through a steaming tropical jungle swamp, or being carried through an Asian mountain pass by hirer bearers. But anyone, anywhere can enjoy the excitement of plant exploration to find and use totally unique plants no one has ever seen or used before - often without even leaving their backyard. Learn where and how to find plant variants, how to propagate them, how to evaluate their value, and what to do with them (hint - they won't make you a million dollars).

September 15, 1995 (Friday)
The 1995 NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Golf Tournament
For information and registration call the N. C. Landscape Contractors Association at the above number.

September 21, 1995 (Thursday)
Friends of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Lecture
"Underutilized Groundcovers for the Landscape"
Mr. David MacKenzie of HortTech in Spring Lake, Michigan
8 PM, 3712 Bostian Hall, NCSU Campus
Mr. MacKenzie is in commercial nursery production and marketing and has recently completed a 1,200 page manuscript for an encyclopedia of groundcovers which is now in press.

September 27-28, 1995 (Wednesday-Thursday)
Winghaven Symposium "The Southern Garden: A Retrospective"
Charlotte, NC
Including Dr. Burbidge (formerly of Kew), Dr. Reveal, Penelope Hobhouse, Dr. Armitage, Pauline Runkle, Dr. Mellichamp

October 11 - 14, 1995
4th Biennial Southeastern Plant Conference - N. C. Association of Nurserymen
North Raleigh Hilton, Raleigh, NC
Long list of speakers including top plantsmen from throughout the southeastern U. S. Registration will include admission to the Sir Christopher Lloyd Lecture.

October 13, 1995 (Friday)
Friends of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Lecture
"Bold Colour and Fearless Gardening"
Sir Christopher Lloyd
North Raleigh Hilton, Raleigh, NC
Christopher Lloyd is a giant of world landscape horticulture experimentation and prolific author with over a dozen classic books to his credit and a frequent contributor to numerous newspapers and horticultural journals. He is a master of the shock treatment, providing plantings that are at once intensive, adventurous and colorful. Limited seating will be available so pre-registration is suggested to ensure your place at this grand event. $12.00 per person.
Write: The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum), Department of Horticultural Science, NCSU, Box 7609, Raleigh NC 27695-7609.
Attention: Sir Loydd Lecture.
Checks payable to: The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum).

Sorry - Sold Out
See Southern Plant Conference for the opportunity to see Sir Lloyd plus 14 other horticulturalists speak at this once in a life time conference.

October 13 - 22, 1995
The NC State Fair
Raleigh NC
One of the hidden jewels of NC is the tremendous landscape garden and horticulture display at The NC State Fair. Enjoy the rides, the food and the gardens.

October 14, 1995 (Saturday)
The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Members Free Rare Plant Distribution
Starts 9 AM SHARP!
The epic event of public horticulture where thousands of choice rare orphan plants disappear in five minutes after whistles blow (don't be late!). Open to any member of The Friends of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum). Memberships are sold at the gate prior to the giveaway so you can register there if not a member. At The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum). (Bring cardboard boxes, flats or wagons to carry your loot!)

(see the list)

October 20-21, 1995
3rd Central South Native Plants in the Landscape Conference
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Birmingham, Alabama.
Tel: 205-934-8308, Fax: 205-975-6097.
Contact Dr. Daniel Jones.

October 26, 1995 (Thursday)
Friends of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Lecture
"Plant Explorations"
Sean Hogan, Oregon Horticulturist/Noted Plantsman
8 PM, 3712 Bostian Hall, NCSU Campus
Sponsored and Funded by the American Rock Garden Society for a national tour - this enthusiastic & knowledgeable plantsman will share his experiences in collecting fine plants around the world.

November 4-8, 1995 (Saturday-Wednesday)
Southern Region International Plant Propagator's Society
Charleston, SC
Contact David Morgan for registration information at the above number.

November 9, 1995 (Thursday)
Vines and Groundcovers Workshop
Sponsored by the NC Association of Nurserymen
9-12 am, NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum)
Cost $35.00 per person with registration by NCAN at the above number

November 29, 1995 (Wednesday)
Friends of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) Lecture
"Using Bamboo in Garden Construction"
Mr. Will Hooker
8 PM, 3712 Bostian Hall, NCSU Campus
Mr. Hooker is a landscape horticulture teacher in the Department of Horticultural Science who has been an integral part of The NCSU Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) designing and building many of the structures of the Arboretum - and notably the Tropical Hi Phi (trellis sculpture) and the newest garden - the Paradise Garden. Learn the possibilities of this versatile material.

See later calendar

Special Notice: Our loyal but geographically distant members and friends have often expressed regrets they cannot attend lectures in Raleigh and have asked that we provide some information on the lecture tour schedule of J. C. so they might possibly attend if he appears in their neighborhood. His upcoming talks will include the following:

July 21, 1995 (Friday) - Native Plants in the Landscape Conference, Cullowhee, NC.

August 4, 1995 (Friday) - Southern Nurserymen's Association Research Workers Conference, Atlanta, GA.

August 5, 1995 (Saturday) - American Conifer Society National Meeting, Asheville, NC.

August 16, 1995 (Wednesday) - 2 talks - Master Gardeners; Nurserymen's Association, Wilmington, NC.

August 24, 1995 (Thursday) - FarWest Show, Oregon Association of Nurserymen, Portland, OR.

September 1, 1995 (Friday) - South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson, SC.

September 8, 1995 (Friday) - Cornell Plantations, Ithaca, NY.

September 11, 1995 (Monday) - Extension Program, Rockingham, NC.

September 16, 1995 (Saturday) - Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden, Columbia, SC.

September 20, 1995 (Wednesday) - Extension Program, Greensboro, NC.

September 29, 1995 (Friday) - Garden Club of America, Gluck Center, Lexington, KY.

October 1, 1995 (Sunday) - Friends of Matthaei Botanical Garden, Ann Arbor, MI.

October 7, 1995 (Saturday) - Charleston Garden Festival '95, Charleston, SC.

October 15, 1995 (Sunday) - Book signing & Lecture, Asheville, NC. (Tentative - more later).

October 20, 1995 (Friday) - Central South Native Plant Conference, Birmingham, AL.

October 21, 1995 (Saturday) - Garden Symposium, Cheekwood, Nashville, TN.

October 23, 1995 (Monday) - Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

November 6, 1995 (Monday) - International Plant Propagator's Society, Charleston, SC

December 1, 1995 (Friday) - Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Philadelphia, PA.

December 2, 1995 (Saturday) - Rock Garden Society, Philadelphia, PA (area).

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