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1994 Friends of the NCSU Arboretum Annual Plant Distribution

October 15, 1994

Dr. J. C. Raulston, The NCSU Arboretum, Box 7609, NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695-7609

Each year The NCSU Arboretum distributes excess plants from the year's research and nursery industry distribution programs to Friends of the NCSU Arboretum members who support our program so actively - to clear out the growing areas of excess, duplicate, unnamed plants with lost labels, and to minimize overwintering needs. This year we have an estimated 4,000 plants of the 75+ taxa below to give away - many of which are extremely rare and not in commercial nursery markets. Quantities of the following plants listed will vary from 5 to 100 plants - so there will not be enough plants for all members present to each receive all the different plants.

We will follow the distribution pattern used in 1993 with great success to ensure all people have equal chance to freely access the plants. The plants are scattered down two ribboned-off areas (both identical in contents and quantities of plants) in the west arboretum to hopefully spread out people for less intense contact. Also - dual rows in different numbering sequences will be placed out in both areas so participants will be closer to a larger number of different kinds of plants (this is all getting just too complicated!!). What it means is that each plant below is repeated in four different locations. At 9:10 AM a signal will be given and members can cross the ribbons to select plants. Only one person will be allowed to participate in the distribution on an individual membership, or on organizational memberships. Two people will be allowed on family memberships.

Our most important rule - PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE PLANT OF ANY GIVEN ITEM UNLESS SOME REMAIN AFTER EVERYONE HAS HAD A CHANCE TO TAKE ONE. On the larger, one-of-a-kind, 1-5 gallon sized plants - please take only one per membership. Good luck in hunting the items you would like. To save our efforts in labeling the massive numbers of plants - they are identified by stakes in the pots or bags coded to the numbers listed below. Please keep this sheet to use for identification when you get home and for the future. We sincerely thank the many volunteers who worked so hard to prepare the plants for this distribution - without their efforts it certainly would not be possible.


01 - Actinostrobus pyramidalis - southern hemisphere conifer; Z8-9?; sun to partial shade; drainage.

02 - Albizia lophantha - white deciduous tree; Z8-9?; sun to partial shade.

03 - Alnus hirsuta - deciduous tree (in arb by wisteria); handsome catkins; Z5-9; sun.

04 - Amsonia tabernaemontana - native herbaceous perennial to 3' with blue flowers; Z5-9; sun.

05 - Aralia continentalis - China; deciduous shrub with white flowers; purple fruit; Z6-9; sun to partial shade.

06 - Aristolochia clematitis - Mexico; herbaceous vining perennial; Z7-9?; sun or partial shade.

07 - Aristolochia tomentosa - native deciduous vine; Z5-9; sun to shade.

08 - Baptisia australis - native herbaceous perennial with blue flowers; Z4-9; sun.

09 - Berberia gagnepainii - dense evergreen shrub from China with yellow flowers; Z7-9?; sun.

10 - Betula nigra 'Fox Valley' - compact form of river birch; deciduous shrub to 6-9'; patented and trademarked by Chicago Botanic Garden (not to be propagated); Z5-9; sun to partial shade.

11 - Camellia X 'Carolina Moonmist' (oleifera X sasanqua) -NCSU Arb. intro,; pink flowers; evergreen shrub; Z6-9.

12 - Castanopsis cuspidata - evergreen tree from Japan; Z6-9; sun or partial shade.

13 - Cercidiphyllum japonicum - deciduous shade tree; Z5-9; sun to partial shade; needs drainage but good moisture.

14 - Cercis yunnanensis 'Celestial Plum' - NCSU Arb. intro.; deciduous purple flowering tree from China; Z5-9; sun.

15. Chrysanthemum weyrechii - herbaceous perennial to 4" with pink flowers; Z6-9; sun to partial shade.

16. Clerodendron cryptophyllum - deciduous shrub from china with summer flowers; Z6-9; sun.

17. Coreopsis auriculata - native wildflower herbaceous perennial with yellow flowers; Z5-9; sun.

18. Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Silver Dust' - columnar variegated leyland cypress conifer; Z5-9; sun.

19. Cyrilla racemosa var. parvifolium - native deciduous shrub with white flowers; Z6-9; sun to partial shade.

20. Dionaea muscipula - "Venus flytrap" - native herbaceous perennial; Z5-9; sun in moist, acid soil.

21. Eryngium yuccafolium - native herbaceous perennial with summer flowering; Z6-9; sun.

22. Eucomis comosa - "pineapple lily"; herbaceous bulb - showy spikes of flowers early summer; Z7-9; sun.

23. Euonymus alata 'Monstrosus' - deciduous shrub with winged bark; Z4-9; sun to partial shade.

24. Evodia huphenensis - deciduous tree with showy red fruit; Z5-9; sun.

25. Fatzhedera lizei 'Aureovariegata' - evergreen shrub with golden variegated foliage; Z7-9; sun to shade.

26. Firmiana simplex - decid. tree; very fast growth; green bark; unusual & showy fruit in summer; Z6-9; sun.

27. Gardenia jasminoides - evergreen shrub (seedlings); white fragrant flowers; Z7-9; partial to full shade.

28. Gelsemium rankanii - evergreen vine; fall and spring yellow flowers; Z7-9; sun/partial shade.

29. Gelsemium sempervirens 'Woodlander's Pale Yellow' - evergreen vine; spring pale yellow flrs.; Z7-9; sun.

30. Halesia carolina - native decid. tree; white flowers in spring; Z5-9; sun to partial shade.

31. Helichrysum fontansiana - herbaceous perennial with silver foliage; Z8-9 or houseplant; sun & drainage.

32. Hemerocallis sp. - wild species collected in Korea - showy yellow flowers; herbaceous perennial; Z4-9; sun to partial shade.

33. Heptacodium micinoides - decid. small tree; white fragrant flowers in Sept; showy bracts in Oct.; showy bark; Z5-9.

34. Hibiscus syriacus 'Helene' - decid. shrub with white flowers and red eye; Z4-9; sun.

35. Hosta sp./cv.? - herbaceous perennial; small plant to 5" tall; autumn flowering; Z4-9; partial to fully shade.

36. Ilex crenata 'Rocky Creek' - evergreen shrub with contorted branches; Z6-9; sun or partial shade.

37. Ilex crenata (unnamed golden sport found on plant in Chapel Hill) - showy yellow foliage in spring; Z6-9; sun.

38. Ilex cornuta 'D'Or' - Asia; evergreen shrub with yellow fruit; Z6-9; sun or partial shade.

39. Indigofera gerardiana - deciduous pink-flowered shrub to 5'; Z6-9; sun.

40. Iris cristata 'Vein Mountain' - native herbaceous perennial with blue flowers; Z4-9; sun to shade.

41. Iris pseudoacorus - yellow flowered herbaceous perennial; Z5-9; sun to partial shade; good in wet and boggy spots but takes dry fine also.

42. Iris tectorum - Japanese white and blue flowered (2 cultivars) herbaceous perennial; Z5-9; sun to partial shade.

43. Itea virginiana 'Saturnalia' - new cultivar of deciduous shrub to 4' with showy fall color; Z5-9; best color in sun.

44. Jasminum humile revolutum - evergreen shrub with yellow flowers; Z6-9; sun to partial shade.

45. Juniperus horizontalis 'Variegata' - Variegated conifer groundcover; Z3-9; sun.

46. Kalmia X (hirsuta X latifolia) - evergreen shrub with pink flowers; Z5-9; partial shade; needs drainage.

47. Kniphofia ensifolia - herbaceous perennial with orange-red flowers; Z7-9; sun.

48. Koelreuteria bipinnata - deciduous flowering tree with showy autumn fruit; Z6-9; sun.

49. Liatris graminifolia - native herbaceous perennial to 1' with purple flowers; Z5-9; sun.

50. Liatris sp. - larger species of native herbaceous perennial to 4' with purple flowers; Z5-9; sun.

51. Lindera strychnifolia - evergreen shrub with yellow spring flowers from China; Z6-9; sun or part shade.

52. Lonicera sp. - unknown species but very showy flowering in arboretum; more shrubby than vining; sun.

53. Magnolia denudata 'Forrest's Pink' - deciduous tree with early pink flowers; Z5-9; sun (note: may be understock instead of true cultivar - if blooms pink in future for you, is true cultivar; if white flower no telling what is the understock).

54. Manfreda virginiana - native herbaceous perennial; Z5-9; sun to partial shade.

55. Muhlenbergia dumosa - Arizona grass; herbaceous perennial; Z7-9; sun.

56. Narcissus cvs. - spring flowering bulbs - many cultivars and types mixed for naturalizing mix; Z3-9; sun

57. Photinia villosa 'Village Shade' - NCSU Arb introduction; small tree to 20', white flowers; great foliage; red fruit; Z5-9; sun.

58. Photinia X 'Indian Princess' - Monrovia introduction, patented; broadleaved evergreen shrub with red new growth; Z6-9; sun to partial shade.

59. Pittosporum tobira 'Tall 'N Tough' - NCSU Arb intro.; upright evergreen shrub/tree with red fruit; Z7-9; sun to shade.

60. Populus X hybrida - extremely fast fastigate deciduous tree (8'/yr to 70'); Z5-9; sun.

61. Prunus glandulosa 'Alba' - decid. shrub to 3'; white double flrs. early in spring; Z5-9, sun.

62. Prunus X 'Hally Jollivette' - decid. small tree to 15'; very long flowering period in spring; Z5-9; sun.

63. Rhododendron X (Satsuki azalea) 'Tama-No-Hada' - broadleaved evergreen shrub with huge (4-5" dia) white & pink flowers, zone 6-9; partial shade with good moisture and drainage.

64. Rhododendron X 'Trude Webster' - broadleaved evergreen shrub with pink flowers; first rhododendron to rate perfect foliage/flower score by ARS; zone 5-9; partial shade with good drainage.

65. Salix alba 'Sericea' - "silver willow" - deciduous tree with handsome silver foliage; Z4-9; sun.

66. Salix integra 'Hakura Nishiki' - decid. tree with white variegated foliage; Z5-9; sun.

67. Sarcococca hookerana - evergreen groundcover to 6-10"; Z6-9; partial to full shade best.

68. Sophora affinis - Texas; decid. flowering tree; compound foliage; white-pink fragrant flowers; Z7-9; sun.

69. Tsuga sieboldii - Japanese conifer tree; Z5-9; sun to shade.

70. Ulmus alata 'Lace Parasol' - NCSU Arb. intro.; weeping deciduous tree with winged bark; Z6-9; sun.

71. Ulmus parvifolia 'Small Leaf Form' - decid. small tree to 15'; tiny foliage; good bonsai plant; Z6-9; sun.

72. Vitex (quinata? - received as such but not in literature) - deciduous shrub with blue flowers; Z6-9; sun.

73. Selection dropped - too few plants.

74. Yucca filamentosa 'Golden Cv.' - variegated foliage native perennial with white flowers; Z5-9; sun.

75. Zephyranthes candida - white flowering bulb; Z6-9; sun or shade; moist or dry.

PLUS - assorted odds and ends in quantities added after the above list was completed, or not warrenting listing above, or unnamed treasures which have lost labels but may be exceptional plants if grown out and later identified (BUT NOT BY US-DON'T EVEN ASK!!).

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