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1996 Friends of the NCSU Arboretum Annual Plant Distribution

6:00 PM Prompt At the NCSU Arboretum

September 28, 1996



Code Name Brief Description

01 Liriope muscari - Broadleaved evergreen groundcover - blue flowers. Sun/shade

02 Coreopsis auriculata`Nana' - Herbaceous perennial with gold flowers - to 1'. Sun

03 Allium senescens - Herbaceous bulb perennial with pink flowers - to 8". Sun

04 Euphorbia robbiae - Herbaceous perennial with green flowers - to 2'. Sun/shade

05 Vinca minor `Flora Plena' - Broadleaved evergreen groundcover - blue flowers. Shade

06 Campanulata takeshimense - Herbaceous perennial with blue flowers - to 2'. Sun/shade

07 Iris cristata `Vein Mountain' - Native herbaceous perennial with blue flowers - to 4". Shade

08 Saxifraga umbrosa -Broadleaved evergreen groundcover - or house plant. Shade

09 Pachysandra terminalis - Broadleaved evergreen groundcover - to 6". Shade

10 Acorus gramineus - Broadleaved herbaceous perennial to 8". Sun/shade

11 Lamiastrum galeobdolon `Variegatum' - Herbaceous perennial groundcover - to 8". Sun/shade

12 Ophiopogon japonicum - Broadleaved herbaceous perennial groundcover - to 8". Shade

13 Ferns (misc.) - Varied - deciduous or evergreen perennials. Shade

14 Eryngium yuccafolium - Native herbaceous perennial with flower stalks to 3'. Sun

15 Iris siberica `Little White' - Herbaceous perennial - white flowers to 12-18". Sun

16 Iris siberica - Varied cultivars of siberian iris - perennial to 2-3". Sun

17 Iris millesii - Herbaceous perennial to 2'. Sun

18 Manfreda virginicum - Native herbaceous perennial with 2-3' flower stalks. Sun

19 Chrysanthemum weyrechii - Semi-evergreen herbaceous perennial to 3". Sun/shade

20 Carex caryophylla `The Beatles' - Evergreen herbaceous perennial to 8". Sun/shade

21 Astilbe (mixed cultivars) - Herbaceous perennials with showy flowers - to 2'. Shade

22 Berberis jaeschkeana var. jaeschkeana - Deciduous shrub. Sun

23 Hedera colchica `Dentata Variegata' - Variegated evergreen vine groundcover. Shade

24 Ophiopogon japonicum - Evergreen groundcover; the true, larger species. Shade

25 Canna x generalis (misc. cvs.) - Herbaceous perennial with showy summer flowers. Sun

26 Abelomoescus manihot - Herbaceous perennial with showy yellow flowers in fall. Sun

27 Aralia chinensis - Deciduous shrub. Sun

28 Asarum splendens - Herbaceous evergreen groundcover perennial to 8". Shade

29 Belanchamda chinensis - Herbaceous perennial - "blackberry lily" - to 3'. Sun

30 Camellia oleifera - Hardy camellia species - seedlings - white & pink. Sun/shade

31 Lagerstroemia fauriei - Deciduous tree with white flowers and showy red bark. Sun

32 Lagerstroemia indica `Pink Lace' - Deciduous shrub/tree with pink flowers. Sun

33 Cercis canadensis (possible others & hybrids) Deciduous trees; seedlings from collection area. Sun

34 Canna generalis (miscellaneous) Varied cultivars of herbaceous perennial. Sun

35 Caryopteris X clandoensis `Arthur Simmonds' Top-rated "blue spirea" - deciduous shrub. Sun/light shade

36 Cassia sp. Herbaceous perennial with showy yellow fall flowers. Sun

37 Rosa x `Nastarina' White fragrant flowers spring to fall; no disease. Sun

38 Catalpa x erubescens `Purpurea' Large deciduous tree with purple foliage; white flowers.

39 Chaenomeles speciosa `Old Red' Deciduous shrub with red flowers. Sun

40 Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosana Evergreen conifer shrub with pendulous branches. Sun

41 Bouteloua curtipenula Sideoats gamma herbaceous perennial grass. Sun

42 Cornus sanguinea `Bud's Yellow' Deciduous shrub with yellow winter bark. Sun

43 Ilex X `Calina' Evergreen shrub with red fruit. Sun

44 Vitex cannabifolia Deciduous tree with blue summer flowers. Sun

45 Cotinus coggygria (outstanding pink) Deciduous shrub/tree with pink summer flowers. Sun

46 Cryptomeria japonica var. sinensis Evergreen conifer tree. Sun

47 Cupressocyparis leylandii `Castlewellan' Evergreen conifer hedging plant - yellowish foliage - Sun

48 Eleaocarpus sylvestris Broadleaved evergreen shrub. Sun/shade

49 Camellia X `Carolina Moonmist' Evergreen hardy camellia with single pink flowers in fall. Sun

50 Panicum `Heavy Metal' Herbaceous perennial grass. Sun

51 Eucalyptus coccifera Evergreen tree. Sun

52 Euscaphis japonica Deciduous tree with showy red fruit, fine winter bark. Sun

53 Firmiana simplex Deciduous tree with dramatic foliage & unusual fruit. Sun

54 Forsythia X intermedia `Golden Times' Golden variegated foliage on deciduous shrub. Sun

55 Gleditsia japonica Deciduous shade tree. Sun

56 Hedera colchica Evergreen vine or groundcover. Sun/shade

57 Hibiscus moeschutos & misc. hybrids Herbaceous perennial with showy summer flowers. Sun

58 Hoboellia fargesii Evergreen vine. Sun/shade

59 Hosta X `Samuel Blue' Herbaceous perennial. Shade

60 Ilex cornuta `D'Or' Evergreen shrub with yellow fruit. Sun/shade

61 Ilex crenata `Elfin' Dwarf evergreen shrub. Sun/shade

62 Sophora affinis Small deciduous tree with unusual "necklace beads" fruit. Sun

63 Illicium henryi Evergreen shrub/tree with pink flowers. Sun/shade

64 Kadsura japonica `Fukurin' Semi-evergreen vine with white variegated foliage. Sun/shade

65 Hosta X `Golden Sunburst' Herbaceous perennial. Shade.

66 Magnolia X `Wada's Memory' Deciduous shade tree with white flowers. Sun

67 Koelreuteria bipinnata Deciduous tree with fall yellow flowers and pink fruit. Sun

68 Lagerstroemia chekiangensis Deciduous shrub/tree - unknown flower color. Sun

69 Ilex cornuta `Willowleaf' Evergreen shrub with red fruit and narrow leaves. Sun/shade

70 Lagerstroemia subcostata Deciduous shrub/tree with white bark and flowers. Sun

71 Liatris microcephala Herbaceous perennial with purple flowers, fine texture. Sun

72 Ligustrum japonicum `Green Meatball' Evergreen shrub with dense growth, white flowers. Sun/shade

73 Ligustrum sinensis `Wimbish' Small leaved deciduous shrub - bonsai or novelty. Sun

74 Lobelia cardinalis Red flowered native herbaceous perennial. Sun/light shade

75 Lonicera pileata `Silver Beauty' Deciduous shrub with white variegated foliage. Sun/light shade

76 Lonicera sempervirens `Flava' Semi-evergreen vine with yellow flowers. Sun

77 Hosta x `Southern Gold' Herbaceous perennial. Shade

78 Ilex crenata `Mariesii Sport' Evergreen shrub with small foliage; compact growth. Sun

79 Lonicera sempervirens `Leo' Semi-evergreen vine with red flowers. Sun

80 Loropetalum chinensis var. rubrum cultivars Evergreen shrub with hot-pink/purple flowers. Sun/light shade

81 Ilex sp. (seedlings) Evergreen shrub/tree with red fruit. Sun/shade

82 Magnolia kobus Deciduous shade tree with white flowers. Sun

83 Cornus walterii Large deciduous shade tree with showy white flowers. Sun

84 Melia toosendens Fast growing deciduous shade tree with lavander flowers. Sun

85 Neviusia alabamensis Deciduous shrub with white, spirea-like flowers. Sun

86 Nyssa sinensis Deciduous tree with blue fruit; showy fall foliage. Sun

87 Pachysandra terminalis `Green Sheen' Evergreen perennial groundcover - glossy foliage. Shade

88 Petasites japonica Bold foliage herbaceous perennial - agressive! Sun/shade

89 Phellodendron amurensis Deciduous shade tree. Sun

90 Pittosporum undulatum Broadleaved evergreen shrub. Sun/shade

91 Lagerstroemia speciosa Deciduous flowering tree. Subtropical - not Z7 hardy. Sun

92 Hamamelis sp. (varied seedlings) Deciduous shrub/tree with winter flowers. Sun/light shade

93 Poliothrysis sinensis Deciduous tree with white august flowers. Sun

94 Pterocarya stenoptera Fast and big deciduous tree. Sun

95 Rhododendron x `Wolfpack Red' Evergreen shrub with showy red flowers. Sun/shade

96 Rohdea japonica Herbaceous evergreen perennial. Shade

97 Rosa x `Ferdy' Showy shrub rose in early summer; defoliates in summer. Sun

98 Salix integra `Hakuro Nishiki' White variegated foliage - deciduous shrub/tree. Sun

99 Sapium japonicum Deciduous tree from Japan. Sun

100 Sarcandra glabra Broadleaved evergreen shrub to 1'. Sun/shade

101 Securinega suffruticosa Deciduous shrub; gold fall foliage. Sun

102 Sinojackia rehderiana Deciduous tree with white flowers. Sun

103 Sophora davidii Deciduous shrub with pale blue flowers. Sun

104 Sophora japonica Large deciduous tree with summer flowers. Sun

105 Caryopteris X clandoensis `Worchester Gold' Deciduous shrub with gold foliage and blue flowers. Sun

106 Spirea dolchica Deciduous shrub with cut-leaf foliage & pink flowers. Sun

107 Styrax japonicum `Crystal' Deciduous tree with white flowers. Sun

108 Hosta X `Suzanne' Herbaceous perennial. Shade

109 Ilex crenata `Variegata' Evergreen shrub with golden variegated foliage. Sun/shade

110 Trachelospermum jasminoides Evergreen vine with yellow-white fragrant flowers. Sun/shade

111 Tsuga canadensis `Golden Splendor' Evergreen conifer tree with yellow new growth. Sun/shade

112 Vitex agnus castus Deciduous shrub/tree with summer blue flowers. Sun

113 Yucca filamentosa `Variegata' Evergreen shrub with white flowers and var. foliage. Sun

114 Cornus alba `Bloodgood' Deciduous shrub with red winter bark. Sun

115 Rosa X `Snow Carpet' Groundcover deciduous rose with white flowers. Sun

116 Cotinus X `Grace' Hybrid deciduous shrub/tree with pink/purple flowers. Sun

117 Vitex rotundifolia Deciduous shrub/vine with summer blue flowers. Sun

118 Camellia sasanqua `Shishi-Gashira' Evergreen shrub with rose autumn flowers. Sun/shade

119 Iris (Louisana) X `Aeolian' Herbaceous perennial. Sun

120 Forsythia X `Tremonia' Deciduous shrub with cutleaf foliage; yellow flowers. Sun

121 Persea borbonia Native evergreen tree. Sun

122 Xanthoxylum sp. Deciduous shrub with white flowers/red fruit. Sun

123 Ficus tikoui Evergreen vine/shrub. Sun/shade

124 Photinia villosa `Village Shade' Deciduous tree with white flowers and red fruit. Sun

125 Hemerocallis hybrida Herbaceous perennial - mixture of over a dozen types. Sun

126 Crocosmia x crocosmifolia Herbaceous perennial bulb with showy summer flowers. Sun

127 Elymus glaucus Blue Elymus grass - showy blue grass to 2-3'. Sun

128 Canna x generalis `My Best' Extra vigorous canna to 8' with banana-like leaves. Sun

129 Liriope spicata Evergreen groundcover - spreads by runners. Sun or Shade

130 Narcissus x hybrids Herbaceous perennial bulbs - varied colors. Sun

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