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1999 Friends of the JC Raulston Arboretum Annual Plant Distribution

Saturday October 2, 1999

9:00 AM at the JC Raulston Arboretum

Webmaster's note: This text is inserted from the 1997 plant distribution list with slight editing

Each year the JC Raulston Arboretum distributes excess plants from the year's research and nursery distribution programs to the Friends of the JC Raulston Arboretum members who support our program. In spite of having had such a tumultuous year, Mitzi has done an incredible job managing the collection and propagating numerous plants for the distribution. Quantities vary, as always, so there will not be enough for all members present to each receive all the different plants.

We will follow the distribution pattern used in 1997 to insure that all people have equal chance to freely access the plants. The plants will be scattered in 8 ribboned off areas (all identical in contents and quantities of plants) in the arboretum to spread folks out for convenience. At about 9:10 the famous horn will blow and members will be allowed to cross the ribbons to select plants. Only one person will be allowed to participate in the distribution on an individual membership, or on organizational memberships. Two people will be allowed on family memberships.

Our most important rule: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE PLANT OF ANY GIVEN ITEM UNLESS SOME REMAIN AFTER EVERYONE HAS HAD A CHANCE TO TAKE ONE! Plants are identified by tags and coded to numbers listed below. NOTE: tags are laser printed and we do not know how long the print will last in the elements. So treat accordingly! Please keep this handout for identification purposes in your future. Assorted odds and ends may have been thrown in afterward and are not on this list......good luck with them and their ID. We have not labeled them because they are unknown.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE ARBORETUM ASKING FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO HANDLE OR CARE FOR THE PLANTS WHEN YOU GET HOME. We just don't have the staff currently in place to handle such requests on top of all the other responsibilities. We have tried to give you some information about the plant in this handout. Sorry if it is lean....some of these plants are obscure and JC was the only one around who knew a lot about them. You'll actually be helping us on finding out about them! Info on some of these plants may be found by searching the Arboretum Web site or by searching our online Current Plantings.

We especially thank the many volunteers who worked so hard for the last week to prepare for this event - without their efforts it would not be possible. Thank you so very very much!

Mitzi Hole deserves a crown for the effort she has put forth since she arrived last year. She works tirelessly making sure the distribution program on all fronts has never skipped a beat. Thanks Mitzi for all you do!

To help you find the plants - the following map gives you a layout of the number code arrangement. Have fun and let me know how these plants do in your garden.

Number Name Brief Description
1 Abelia mosanensis Rapidly growing shrub to at least 8'; new plant for trial grown from seed received from Korean arboretum.
2 Acanthus sp. Sun or shade, tolerant of dry conditions, flowers late Spring. Z7.
3 Agave sp. Requires dry sunny conditions.
4 Allium stellam "Prairie Onion" heads of lavender-pink flowers on 12-18" scapes in summer, sun, Z5.
5 Arbutus unedo 'Compacta' Small evergreen tree ,red bark ,strawberry like fruit in the winter, white flowers, prefers shade; will grow in the sun.
6 Arisaema triphyllum "Jack in the Pulpit",our native woodland wildflower,Z4
7 Aucuba japonica f. longifolia (A. japonica 'Salicifolia') evergreen shrub for the shade.
8 Betula transhanica Unknown hardiness for this deciduous tree.
9 Buddleja davidii 'Moon Shadow' Butterfly bush, best in sunny conditions.
10 Buddleja davidii 'Nanho Blue' Butterfly bush, best in sunny conditions.
11 Buddleja davidii 'Nanho Purple' Butterfly bush, best in sunny conditions.
12 Buddleja helmslyana Butterfly bush, best in sunny conditions.
13 Buddleja salviifolia Gold fuzzy foliage with distinctive undulate margins; grown for striking foliage; Z7.
14 Buddleja X weyeriana 'Moonlight' Butterfly bush, best in sunny locations.
15 Callistemon macropunctatus Flowers 4" long bottlebrush with 1" red stamens,12' evergreen shrub, hardy at the Arboretum, sun.
16 Callistemon rigidus Flowers and hardiness similar to other Callistemons.
17 Calycanthus occidentalis Deciduous medium shrub,Z7 ,sun or shade.
18 Camellia japonica 'Broadrose' Correct name is 'Jack's' but locally known as 'Broadrose'. Deep rose flower, formal double, shade , Z7.
19 Camellia sasanqua Evergreen shrub, medium sized for shady conditions.
20 Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' Narrow (fastigiate) cultivar of this deciduous small to medium tree, vertical accent , Z5, sun,
21 Cedrus deodara 'Compacta' Compact cultivar of "Deodar Cedar",Z7 ,sun. The one in the Arboretum is about 12' with a 3' spread.
22 Centaurium scilloides Tiny herbaceous perennial ,1''X 3'' pink flowers all summer, sun, Z6 ? at least.
23 Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Duke Gardens' Duke Garden's compact shrubby selection, well adapted to this areas climate and soil, Z7, sun or shade.
24 Chaenomeles speciosa 'Contorta' Contorted twigged cultivar of the common "Flowering Quince", deciduous to 5', sun, Z5.
25 Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosana Evergreen coniferous tree for sun or light shade.
26 Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Snow' Newest growth is creamy white, compact evergreen shrub, sun to light shade, Z5.
27 Chimonanthus nitens Fall blooming white , great evergreen screening plant, sun or shade, evergreen shrub, Z7, 10'.
28 Chimonanthus zhejiangensis Semi-evergreen shrub looks a lot like C.nitens but does not grow as large. Flowers are somewhat malodorous, Z7.
29 Chrysanthemum weyrichii Perennial mum, pink flowers,4'' without pinching, sun, tolerates dry conditons, Z5.
30 Clerodendron trichotomum Fragrant white flowers over several months, blue berries,10-20' shrub, Z5, sun to light shade.
31 Clethra alnifolia 'Fern Valley Pink' Pink flowering form of this native shrub , small to medium, deciduous, sun or shade.
32 Clethra barbinervis "Japanese Pepperbush", much like C. acuminata but to larger 30', handsome bark, Z7.
33 Clethra cavaleriei Deciduous small to medium shrub, sun or shade.
34 Cryptomeria japonica 'Black Dragon' A dense compact Cryptomeria, sun/light shade Z7.
35 Daphniphyllum macropodum Evergreen shrub to small tree resembling the larger leafed Rhododendrons without the flowers, sun to shade, Z7.
36 Deutzia 'Marmorata' Variegated foliage adds interest after the spring white flowers, deciduous shrub, 2-6',Z4
37 Deutzia scabra 'Godsall Pink' Double clear pink flowers in 4-6" long panicles in May or June, Z5.
38 Diospyros virginiana Deciduous native tree with edible persimmons.
39 Echinosophora koreensis Shrub with pinnately compound leaves, Korea.
40 Emmenopterys henryi Deciduous large tree, showy flowers with age, Z7, Chinese relative of Pinkneya, sun to light shade.
41 Fagus sp. Large (100') deciduous tree, Z6.
42 Forsythia sp. Compact form of Forsythia, grows 1 1/2' spreading 5' with pale yellow flowers covering the shrub in spring, sun, Z7.
43 Fraxinus sieboldiana (syn. F. longicuspis var.sieboldiana ) Showy panicles of white flowers, 25' deciduous tree, sun, Z? guessing 6.
44 Gelsemium sempervirens 'Woodlanders Pale Yellow' Pale yellow cultivar of our S.E. native "Carolina Jasmine" easily managed evergreen vine, Z7 .
45 Ginkgo biloba Large deciduous tree yellow fall color, these are seedlings from the Arboretum's tree in the Japanese Garden, Z4-8.
46 Halesia monticola 60-80' deciduous tree with white bell-shaped flowers in spring. Z5-8.
47 Helleborus argutifolius Evergreen herbaceous perennial , trifoliate leaves and winter green flowers, Z7, sun to light shade.
48 Heuchera richardsonii Evergreen herbaceous perennial, foliage becomes reddish in winter, 3" panicles of green flowers, Z5-7, sun to light shade.
49 Hobelia fargesii Evergreen twining vine resembling Stautonia, palmately compound leaves, flowers red and green, Z7.
50 Hypericum henryi Shrub for the sun, yellow flowers.
51 Hypericum lancasteri Shrub for the sun with yellow flowers.
52 Hypericum perforatum Low growing, groundcover like with small yellow flowers, sun.
53 Hypericum pseudohenryi Shrub for the sun with yellow flowers.
54 Hypericum X inodorum Shrub for the sun.
55 Ilex 'Calina' English Holly hybrid, from New Bern Nursery in N.C. Adapted to the South, heavy friuted, evergreen tree, Z7.
56 Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill' "American Holly", this holly has a pryamidal habit and reached about 12' in height, Z7.
57 Ilex vomitoria 'De Werth' Evergreen shrub with tiny glossy leaves, Z7, sun/light shade.
58 Ilex vomitoria 'Grey's Littleleaf' Evergreen shrub, tiny glossy leaves, Z7, sun
59 Iris brevicaulis Blue to blue-purple blooms, growing up to 2 feet tall. Likes moist areas.
60 Iris 'C'est Magnifique'  
61 Iris flavescens  
62 Iris purple and white  
63 Itea chinensis Evergreen shrub with pendulous 3-4" racemes of white flowers, sun to shade, Z7.
64 Juniperus chinensis 'Spartan' Tall columnar growth habit, 20' tall and 3-4' wide, great evergreen screen, sun, Z4-9.
65 Juniperus pingii Prostrate shrub or more often a tree to 30', all foliage juvenile, branchlets pendulous, sun, Z7.
66 Juniperus sp. Evergreen shrub for dry sunny locations.
67 Kadsura japonica 'Shiromi' Evergreen vine of modest growth rate , yellowish white flowers followed by red fruit, sun to shade, Z7.
68 Kalmia latifolia X K. hirsuta "Hybrid Mountain Laurel", small evergreen shrub , pink flowers, shade, Z7 at least.
69 Kerria japonica 'Albescens' Deciduous 6-8' shrub, single flowers opening yellow and become cream colored, shade, Z7.
70 Kerria japonica 'Kin Kan' Yellow stems in winter, orange yellow flowers in spring, Z5, best in light shade.
71 Kniphofia triangularis Hardy herbaceous perennial with red orange blooms changing to yellow , 5' spikes in summer, sun, Z7.
72 Koelreuteria paniculata 'Beachmaster' "Goldenrain Tree", withstands beach conditions, 30-40' deciduous tree, showy yellow flowers, Z5-8.
73 Laurus nobilis X Umbellaria californica Bigeneric hybrid resembles in looks and fragrance Laurus nobilis, hardy here in Z7, sun to light shade.
74 Lavandula stoechus subsp.loisieri 2-3' evergreen shrub, purple violet flowers in summer, needs good drainage, sun, Z7.
75 Ligustrum sinense 'Pendulum' Pendulous branches, evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub, 4-5', sun to light shade , Z7.
76 Lithocarpus chinensis Evergreen Oak-relative, 30' tree, Z7? has been hardy here, sun to light shade.
77 Luzula fosteri Evergreen clump forming grass-like herbaceous perennial; shade; odd little flowers; Z6???
78 Magnolia sieboldii "Oyama Magnolia" , small deciduous Magnolia tree, with white fragrant flowers in summer, light shade.
79 Magnolia stellata Small tree to 20', early spring bloomer, sunny conditions.
80 Osmanthus X burkwoodii Fragrant white flowers in early spring, evergreen shrub 6-10', sun or light shade, Z6-8.
81 Osmanthus yunnanensis Evergreen shrub or tree to 45', fragrant white flowers, Z7.
82 Penstemon pallidus Native herbaceous perennial, 2-1/2' tall spikes of 1" long white flowers striped with violet-purple, sun, Z5-7.
83 Persea borbonia Evergreen tree, 20-30', resembling Magnolia virginiana , flowers not showy, larval food for some butterflies, Z7.
84 Phillyrea angustifolia Evergreen shrub to 15', leaves 2" long X 1/4"wide, fragrant greenish flowers in spring, Z7, sun/light shade.
85 Phytolacca acinosa Asian counterpart to our native Pokeweed, P.americana , 5' herbaceous perennial, red to black fruit, sun.
86 Pinus jeffreyi "Jeffery's Pine", twisted 7-9" long blue green needles, 90-100' tall, Z5, sun.
87 Pittosporum tobira 'Tall and Tough' Hardier form of the P. tobira, evergreen shrub, NCSU selection, Z7, sun.
88 Podocarpus nivalis One of the cold hardiest podocarpus, Z7, evergreen shrub.
89 Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' Citrus relative, contorted habit, fragrant white flowers, great winter interest, Z6 , sun to light shade.
90 Prunus mume Winter blooming deciduous tree, 15-20', edible fruit.
91 Quercus robur Seedlings from the columnar English Oak in the Arboretum parking lot, Z4-8, sun.
92 Rhamnus alaternus 'Argenteovariegata' 3/4" long leaves are neatly margined with a wide cream border, 6-8', rated Z8, sun to light shade.
93 Rohdea japonica 'Yahazu Yan Jaku' Variegated with irregular, sometimes large zones of white. Rare and slow to increase, shade (a must), Z7, evergreen.
94 Rosa 'White Meideland' A white rose , stays shrub-like and has some resistance to insect and disease problems , Z7, sun.
95 Rosa X fortuniana Well adapted to much of SE, 2-4" double white flowers in spring;large mostly thornless mounding shrub or vine, Z7.
96 Sambucus canadensis 'Marginata' 10' deciduous shrub , white margined foliage adds interest all summer long, sun to light shade, Z6.
97 Scilla scilloides Fall blooming bulb with blue flowers, sun to light shade.
98 Securinega suffruticosa Deciduous shrub, 6-8', Z4-8.
99 Serissa foetida 'Apple Blossom' Small evergreen shrub, pink flowers blooming off and on spring thru the fall, sun to light shade.
100 Serissa foetida 'Flora Plena' Small evergreen shrub, flowering from spring thru the fall, sun to light shade.
101 Serissa foetida 'White Swan' Small evergreen shrub with white flowers, sun to light shade.
102 Solidago caesia Woodland goldenrod, herbaceous perennial to 3', yellow flowers in Sept. to Oct., shade , Z4-8.
103 Spiraea douglasii Deciduous 3-6' shrub with panicles of pink flowers, Z5.
104 Spiraea japonica Orange red new leaves, yellow gold at maturity, deciduous shrub 18" high, sun, Z3-8.
105 Spiraea japonica 'Candle Light' Yellow foliage, pink flowers, 2-3' deciduous shrub, Z3-8, sun.
106 Spiraea thunbergii 'Mount Fuji' White flowers in late winter, narrow foliage, deciduous shrub, some variegation on the leaves, sun, Z4-8.
107 Stauntonia hexaphylla Stauntonia's 5 leafed vine, large vigorous evergreen vine edible fruit, fragrant flowers, sun to shade, Z7.
108 Styrax japonicus Small deciduous tree, white fragrant flowers, Z5.
109 Styrax japonicus 'Emerald Pagoda' Thick glossy leaves , prolific bloomer, Z5, sun to light shade.
110 Taiwania cryptomerioides Large evergreen coniferous tree with graceful habit; Taiwan. Z7b.
111 Taxus brownii Evergreen shrub needs good drainage in this area.
112 Taxus floridana Evergreen shrub needs good drainage.
113 Taxus X media 'Densiformis' Dense evergreen shrub.
114 Taxus X media 'Tauntonii' Evergreen shrub needs good drainage.
115 Ternstroemia gymnanthera 'Variegata' Evergreen shrub 8-10' , this cultivar has the tricolor leaves of grey green, cream and red. Z7, sun or shade.
116 Trachelospermum jasminiodes 'Madison' Evergreen vine with fragrant flowers, 'Madison' is a more cold hardy cultivar, sun to shade, Z7.
117 Viburnum bracteatum 'Emerald Luster' We received this cultivar from Michael Dirr, it is has larger glossier leaves.
118 Viburnum suspensum 6-12' evergreen shrub, fragrant white flowers, red to black fruit. Dirr says Z(8)9-11 but thriving at the Arboretum.
119 Weigela florida 'Variegata Nana' Deciduous, smaller form of Weigela.
120 Weigela florida 'Versicolor' Deciduous medium to large shrub with multicolored flowers.
121 Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' More restrained than Asian species, later flowers rarely lost to frost; repeat blooms, sun, Z5-9.
122 Yucca schottii Trunks eventually to 15', leaves to 3'.
123 Zephyranthes flavissima "Rainlily", hardy bulb, yellow flowers May toOct, sun, 6" tall plant, Z7.
124 Zephyranthes fosteriana Pink flowering rain lily; sun, Z7.
125 Zephyranthes reginae Hardy bulb with yellow flowers May to Oct., sun, Z7.
126 Zephyranthes sp. Hardy bulb blooming May to Oct., sun, Z7.

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