Winter Garden

hardy agave - Agave parryi var. truncata
Stop the snow before it accumulates.

Tucked into a protected site bounded by large evergreen oaks and hollies, the Winter Garden showcases plants that are at their best in winter. From the familiar hollies and hellebores to the more unusual Edgeworthia and Epimedium, the garden is a repository of ideas and examples of plants that make gardening in this zone a year-round pleasure.

Conifers such as Cryptomeria, Chamaecyparis, and pines mingle with unusual dogwoods, Hamamelis, and hardy plants of the desert, such as Agave and yucca, all topped by a stunning collection of early-blooming Prunus mumes now gaining garden recognition. Beneath snuggles a floor of primroses and early bulbs. A visit to the Winter Garden at the JCRA is superb anytime of the year, highlighting the four-season capability of the landscape in our region.

Some of the fine plant specimens located in this garden include:

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