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Chionanthus retusus - Chinese fringe treeApril 26, 2002

What's in bloom at the JC Raulston Arboretum?  This week look for Baptisia, Chionanthus, Cotinus, Rosa, Styrax, and Weigela in their full glory throughout the Arboretum.   The Perennial Border has begun to explode with color, showcasing this week, Kniphofia, Salvia, Thermopsis, and Verbena.  Don't miss over a dozen Kalmia cultivars blooming now in the Lath House.  This list is not comprehensive of all the plants currently flowering at the Arboretum.  Plant names in RED are new to the list this week.  Enjoy your visit!

South Hall Garden (Beds S01-S10)

Parking Lot (Beds P01-P06)

Klein-Pringle White Garden (Beds WG1-WG10)

Path to Winter Garden (Beds E14, E17, E18)

Winter Garden (Beds E19, E21)

Beds E15-E16 (Nandina Collection Island)

Beds Along Beryl Road (northeast JCRA, Beds E08-E11 & E23-E25)

Winding Grass Paths (E12, E13, E20, E22, behind Winter Garden, & Bog Garden area)

Conifer Collection (E25-E27; E45-E48; E50)

Magnolia Collection (Beds E28-E31)

Paradise Garden (T01-T02)

Butterfly Garden (T05-T06)

Reading Garden (T04)

Townhouse Garden (T09)

Water  Garden (T03)

Theme Garden Area (T07-T08)

Wisteria Collection (T12)

Lath House

Japanese Garden

Mixed Border   (Beds E32-E38)

Tender Perennials / The "Necessary" Garden Area (Beds E43-E44)

Perennial Border

Elizabeth Lawrence Border

Perennial Border Trial Area

Beds E40-E42 (Behind weeping lace parasol elm)

Bed T10 (Behind Rose Garden-South Bed)

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