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Premier Plant Program Details

The Premier Plants introduction program will involve two phases. The first phase involves distribution of cuttings to "Foundation Propagators." Foundation Propagators will then produce 3" potted lines of the Premier Plants within a designated time frame. The next level of the introductions program, the "Foundation Growers," will then purchase these liners. Foundation Growers will grow the liners to whatever size, (container or filed production) as they wish. When the plants reach a saleable size, the Foundation growers will then sell the Premier Plants to their customers.

Both the Foundation Propagators and the Foundation Growers will contract with the North Carolina Association of Nurserymen, Inc. to be a part of the JC Raulston Arboretum Premier Plants introduction program.

JCRA/NCAN needs growers and propagators who are interested in participating in this program.

NCAN is firmly committed to working with the JCRA to review all potential plant selections; ultimately making a selection that meets the following criteria:

Note: Not all of the plants that come through this program are necessarily "new." Also, plants that are selected are not necessarily official release of the JC Raulston Arboretum.

You can be an integral pat of this program! Help NCAN and the JCRA keep North Carolina in the forefront of the national nursery industry. For further information, call the NCAN office at (919) 816-9119.

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