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JC Raulston Arboretum e-Update

August 2003

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Director's Note

Perennial Border ExtensionTake a look at the photograph to the right; seems like a no brainer that something is very wrong here and indeed it is. However, it may not be what you think....drought, no; nutrient deficiency, no; not even poor soils. The plants, mostly Cosmos bipinnatus, were found to be in the early stages of infestation with a parasitic plant called dodder (Cuscuta pentagona). This annual produces tangling stems but does not really "choke" the host plant to death, rather it robs it of its own nutrients. The photograph appears mostly brown on one side because the plants were treated with an herbicide to kill the entire infested area.....a small price to pay to keep a potentially troublesome pest at bay. Now, look to the rear of this photo, it is the former parking lot at the JCRA. We are full of "open" spaces now that construction is done but we don't expect to have all those spaces filled in the very near future. We have developed a strategy for bed implementation over many years ahead and will include the expertise of our own faculty and their students in the process. My best advice, please visit often and watch our progress! – Bob Lyons, Director

Developing News

Summer Interns - Vitally Important to the JCRA!

Summer 2003 Interns - Sara Millar (left) and Donna Phillips (right)You may have noticed two new faces at the Arboretum this summer. They are two very special, dedicated, and hard-working ladies - the JCRA's summer interns! Sara Millar (featured in the June 1, 2003 e-Update) is the recipient of the Ben Anderson Internship, sponsored by the Lichtin Family Foundation, and Donna Phillips (featured in the July 1, 2003 e-Update) is the recipient of the North Carolina Flower Growers Association Internship. These ladies have had a significant impact on the Arboretum this summer and so much has been accomplished through their tireless efforts.

Here's How You Can Sponsor a Named Internship......

For a minimum of $2,000.00 per year, you can sponsor a named internship - sponsored in your name, a loved one's name, or a business or organization's name. It's so easy, and what a difference your gift will make to the Arboretum! Your sponsored named internship and the year of the internship will be permanently displayed and recognized at the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center.

Or..... Looking for Another Important Way to Support the Arboretum?

Please consider a Planned Gift. Your money can go where you want it to go - not into Uncle Sam's pocket! Why not make a planned gift - a tax-free gift - where all of the gift will go where you want it to go - like to support the JC Raulston Arboretum and its many fine programs? There are so many tax-saving opportunities through a planned gift, and NC State University has experts who are happy to talk with you about your options - free consultation with no obligation!

If you are interested in more information on a planned gift or a named intern sponsorship, please give Anne Porter a call at (919) 513-3463 or e-mail – Anne Porter, Director of Development

Behind the Curtain

Anne Calta and Lee Davis propagating plants.Have you ever wondered how we fill a field with over 4,000 plants, mail out Connoisseur Plants in the winter, and still have plants to give away at lectures, lunches, and any other opportunity we have to distribute plants? Well, the answer is plant propagation and lots of it. Now is a key time of year when propagation is the main task in the nursery. We are sticking well over a thousand cuttings right now from plants in the Arboretum that we deem worthy of passing along to our members.

This time of year we are focusing on broadleaf evergreens, deciduous shrubs, perennials, and just about anything but trees and conifers. Ideally the plants have put out a flush of new growth this season which is the cutting material we collect. The cuttings are taken early in the morning when it is cool and the parent plants are not lacking for water. The cuttings are treated with rooting hormones to encourage quick even root growth. In a month or so, depending on the plant, we will take the rooted cuttings out of the mist and begin potting up the new plants. The next step is to be taken home and put in the garden by a JCRA member. – Anne Calta, Horticultural Technician

Coming Attractions – Highlights of August

Emmenopterys henryi – Chinese emmenopterysIt might be hot, hot, hot, but there are many gardens and collections to see at the JCRA that are exceptionally beautiful in August! Including: Annuals Trial and Demonstration Area, Elizabeth Lawrence Border, Mixed Border, Ornamental Grass Collection, and the Perennial Border.

This show is free. We invite you to visit often. – Nancy Doubrava, Interpretive Specialist

August Calendar

Flowers and Foliage: A Summer Bulbs Tour – August 14, 2003 (Thursday) - Midseason Annuals 5:30 PM - Free

Join Frankie Fanelli, Volunteer Coordinator and NC State University Graduate Student, as she takes you through the Arboretum's bulb collection focusing on those with summer interest. This tour is free and open to the public! Please meet at the entrance to the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center at the JC Raulston Arboretum.

Details for these events and all other JCRA events can be found in the "Calendar of Events" section on the JCRA Web site.

Benefit Providers Showcase

Take a short drive to Durham and visit the absolutely beautiful Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Open daily, 8:00 AM until dusk, there is no admission charge to visit one of the JCRA's sister gardens. Take a stroll through the gardens, shop in their gift shop, plan an event using their facilities, the list goes on. Duke Gardens allows JCRA members to take classes at their member rate.

Next on our list, Fairview Greenhouse and Garden Center. In business since 1974, Joann Dewar and Susan Rollins have over two acres of greenhouses in which they grow their own annuals, hanging baskets, and potted plants. They also have an extensive selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Watch for their grand opening of their new facility in the fall. Fairview is located at 8224 Holly Springs Road in Raleigh and their phone number is (919) 851-8818. They are giving 10% off the total purchase to our members.

Live in the Wake Forest/Wakefield area or just looking for a garden center with little traffic, great prices, and the largest selection of healthy, North Carolina grown plants north of Wake Forest? Take a ride out to see Pat Rice of Franklin Landscape Plants, located at 28 Trails End Lane in Franklinton, North Carolina. Directions: take US 1 N (10 miles north of Wake Forest), left on Pocomoke Road, right on Trails End Lane - phone, (919) 494-1310. Open for one year, they offer delivery and installation of their plants and have a referral service to help you find equipment, garden plans, and amendment delivery. They offer a 10% discount on all purchases.

Here's hoping you continue to enjoy your summer. – Donna Walker, Development Associate

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