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JC Raulston Arboretum e-Update

August 2006

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Grass Roots Master Plan

Summer is in full heat but there has been "cool" progress at the JCRA. We are incredibly excited about all the ideas that have come in for the first phase of the Grass Roots Master Plan project. Be sure you make time on your next visit to the Arboretum to stop in and see all of the ideas that have been submitted to date which are displayed in the main hall of the Ruby C. McSwain Education Center.

The first map board you come to indicates, with color pins, which areas are most and least favorite places and some of the major and minor concerns. Written responses which correspond to the color pins are on the various boards. The place making elements you see on the boards: Landmarks, Edges, Districts, Nodes, and Paths may inspire you in developing your own ideas for submission.

Once September 1, 2006, rolls around, which is the due date for submissions, our next step in the design process will be organizing all of your responses.  These will become part of the process for designing how we can make the JCRA a more dynamic place to visit and study the incredible plant collections.

If you have questions about the Grass Roots Master Plan project, please contact us at <>. Anne Porter's name will be included in the subject line when we respond. However, you will reach us, the co-facilitators of the project.

Thanks to everyone for your help! – Suzanne Edney and Harriet Bellerjeau, JCRA Volunteers

JC Raulston Arboretum 30th Anniversary Symposium

"Plan – and Plant for a Better World"

September 22-24, 2006

J. C. Raulston and the NCSU Arboretum entrance signWhen J. C. Raulston began teaching in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University, few could have imagined that he would become a galvanic force behind the renaissance in the nursery industry during the latter part of the twentieth century.  After establishing the Arboretum in 1976, J. C. spent the next two decades mentoring scores of students and making connections among plant explorers and nursery owners, yielding hundreds of plants to test, grow, and share with the industry and the public.

In "Plan – and Plant for a Better World," we celebrate J. C.'s life through speakers drawn from colleagues, students, plant professionals, and the nursery industry – all of whom are the richer from his legacy.  There will be links to the past, a roundup of current plant successes, and a salute to J. C.'s influence on future plant introductions.

The pearl, a symbol of beauty, traditionally represents a 30th anniversary.  Come celebrate the "pearl" that is the JC Raulston Arboretum as it enters the fourth decade.

Symposium Registration

Symposium registration is now open. Download the registration form (PDF format) or call Chris Glenn at (919) 513-7005 for more information or to register. Registration deadline: September 8, 2006 (Friday)


There are many activities during the symposium. Please review the schedule for the timing of all the events.

Garden Conservancy's Open Days

The symposium is being held in conjunction with the Garden Conservancy's Open Days program here in Raleigh. More information about this program will be included in the September 2006 JCRA e-Udpate, but for a sneak peak at this event, please read the announcement on our Web site. – Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator, and Bobby Ward, JCRA Volunteer

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