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May 2007

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Gala in the Garden

Gala in the GardenThe JC Raulston Arboretum's annual Gala in the Garden is Sunday, May 6, 2007 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This is the Arboretum's premier fund-raising event of the year. Please join us for a fanciful garden party with cocktails and gourmet cuisine. Enjoy a very lively and large silent auction filled with garden and earthly delights, plus enormous collections of plants. For ticket information, call or e-mail Autumn Keck at (919) 513-3826 or Visit the Gala's Web page for additional details. – Autumn Keck, Associate Director of Membership and Fund-raising Events

Day Tripping to the North Carolina Coastal Plain

Join us on our day trip to the Green Swamp Preserve and the Boiling Springs Preserve on May 19, 2007.  Many people go to Brunswick County to enjoy the beaches, but we're going to visit the wetlands.  These preserves are great places to enjoy nature and the botanical wonders in North Carolina's Coastal Plain.  This region contains the richest flora along the Atlantic Coast north of Florida.  Of special interest insectivorous plants and orchids that should be in peak flower at this time of the year.  Frank Galloway will lead us on special tours highlighting the natural beauty and the plants of these Nature Conservancy preserves.  Part of the proceeds for this trip will be donated to the Nature Conservancy. – Christopher Todd Glenn, Programs and Education Coordinator

Coming Attractions – Highlights of May

Acca sellowiana 'NCSU Hardy'Throughout the Arboretum you will find the flowers of sweet bay and Southern magnolia, mock-orange (Philadelphus), rose, Japanese spirea, gardenia, hydrangea, weigela, and St. John's wort (Hypericum). The Perennial Border will showcase clematis, beard-tongue (Penstemon), sage (Salvia), perennial verbenas, and Carolina lupine (Thermopsis villosa).

Klein-Pringle White Garden
Hydrangea quercifolia
'Alison' – oakleaf hydrangea – WG4
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' – mophead smooth hydrangea – WG6a
Iris sibirica 'White Swirl' – Siberian iris – WG5
Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet' – Virginia sweetspire – WG7
Rosa 'Nastarana' – rose – WG1

Lath House
Dicentra scandens
'Athens Yellow' – climbing yellow bleeding heart – L14
Hydrangea quercifolia 'Harmony' – oakleaf hydrangea – L14
Hydrangea serrata 'Rosalba' – mountain hydrangea – L18
Hydrangea 'Winterthur Hybrid' – hybrid hydrangea – L20
Kalmia latifolia 'Sarah' – mountain laurel – L23

Mixed Border
Abelia mosanensis
– Mangsan abelia – E38e
Amsonia hubrichtii
– Ozark blue-star – E36
Beschorneria septentrionalis – false red agave – E36
Lonicera 'Mandarin' – orange honeysuckle – E37e
Phlomis fruticosa – Jerusalem sage – E38e
Viburnum nudum – possumhaw viburnum – E37w

Rose Garden
By late May most of the rose garden is in flower.

Scree Garden
Salvia chamaedryoides – blue oak sage
Salvia greggii
'Dark Dancer' – autumn sage
Salvia greggii 'Diane' – autumn sage
Sisyrinchium palmifolium – yellow-eyed grass

Southwestern Garden

Agave lophantha
– agave – W42
Agave salmiana – pulque agave – W41
Camassia quamash
subsp. quamash – common camas-lily – W14
Hesperaloe parviflora – red yucca – W41
Opuntia ×alta – tall prickly-pear – W42
Yucca flaccida – weak-leaf yucca – W42
Yucca treculeana – Don Quixote's lance – W41

Theme Gardens

Acca sellowiana
'NCSU Hardy' – pineapple guava – Paradise Garden
Aesculus californica 'Canyon Pink' – pink California buckeye – T08
Baptisia sphaerocarpa
'Screaming Yellow – yellow wild-indigo – Paradise Garden

West Arboretum
'Purple Smoke' – purple wild-indigo – W12
Baptisia sulphurea – pale yellow wild-indigo – W12
Cladrastis kentukea 'Perkins Pink' – pink American yellowwood – W10

This show is free. Visit often. – Nancy Doubrava, Interpretive Specialist

May Calendar

Gala in the Garden – May 6, 2007 (Sunday) – 3:00 PM-7:00 PM – $60.00

Join us for a delightful spring afternoon with cocktails, gourmet hors d'oeuvres, live music, and a silent auction featuring a plethora of unique plants and an eclectic array of many other distinctive items.

Friends of the Arboretum Lecture – May 17, 2007 (Thursday) – 7:30 PM – Free for members, $5.00 for nonmembers

"Gardens with Heart and Soul" presented by Jenks Farmer, LushLife Nurseries. Jenks Farmer knows the type of gardens he likes the best, he just does not know what to call them. They're the ones that reveal the gardener, the ones that show him the gardener's heart and soul. He's seen them wedged into concrete rooftops, expanded over acres of rolling hills, floating over marsh docks, and surrounding historic plantation houses. He's seen them made by the poorest fishermen in Nicaragua, the richest ladies in England, and by Master Gardeners on cul-de-sacs. The most important ingredient in these gardens is an abundance of plants. However, these gardens also include hints of the gardener's every day life. In these very personal gardens, artists and collectors let their obsessions merge with the plants.

Day Tripping to the North Carolina Coastal Plain – May 19, 2007 (Saturday) – 7:00 AM-6:15 PM – $50.00 for members, $80.00 for nonmembers ($30.00 membership included)

Please visit the "Calendar of Events" section on the JCRA Web site for a complete listing of our upcoming programs.

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