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April 2009

In This Issue

Asian ValleyAsian Valley Taking Shape

The new Asian Valley is quickly taking shape and is already starting to show off this spring. New beds and planting areas have been formed where there used to be turf. Many cubic yards of PermaTill, Novozymes compost, and topsoil excavated from the Perennial Border path installation have been worked into the existing soil and mounded to form low berms perfect for planting a wide variety of plants. Under the existing trees, berms have been formed from the same materials but with a higher ratio of PermaTill in order to ensure good air-flow to the roots of the mature trees.

Even though all grading and soil moving isn't complete as I write this, we couldn't resist starting to get some of the great plants we've been collecting into the ground. Some highlights include the hot new yellow stem Japanese maple, Acer palmatum 'Bihou' which is electric during the winter, the variegated Orixa japonica 'Pearl Frost', and the recently described Parrotia subaequalis.  We're also using this spot to evaluate some of the new material we have collected in China and Taiwan in 2008 as well as exciting finds from the Arboretum including a very promising and different variegated sport of Stachyurus 'Magpie'. Keep watching as this garden grows. – Mark Weathington, Assistant Director and Curator of Collections

Coming Attractions—Highlights of April

Berberis gilgianaThe Arboretum's nationally recognized redbud collection will be in full flower this month. Throughout the garden also watch for dogwoods, wisterias, mock-oranges, lilacs, peaches, styrax, viburnums, azaleas, iris, spring bulbs, and more. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lath House
Persea grijsii – Chinese machilus – L13
Pulmonaria longifolia 'Bertram Anderson' – long-leaf lungwort – L24
Rhododendron hyperythrum – Formosan rhododendron – L13
Rhododendron 'President Roosevelt' – variegated rhododendron – L12

Mixed Border
Beschorneria septentrionalis – false red agave – E36
Cercis canadensis subsp. mexicana – Mexican redbud – E33 and W09
Cornus florida 'Suwanee Squat' – dogwood – E38
Fothergilla gardenii – dwarf fothergilla – E35
Illicium 'Woodland Ruby' – pink anise – E37

Other Areas of the Arboretum
Beschorneria yuccoides – Mexican lily – C01
Cercis canadensis
'Tennessee Pink' – eastern redbud – W60 and P01
Corylopsis glabrescens
var. gotoana – fragrant winterhazel – E40
Sinojackia xylocarpa
'La Grima' – columnar Chinese jacktree – D03
Syringa oblata
[Alba Group] 'Frank Meyer' – white early lilac – E11

Southall Garden
Prunus 'Spire' – Hillier columnar flowering cherry – S10
Viburnum 'Chesapeake' – Egolf hybrid viburnum – S09

Model Gardens
Aesculus ×carnea 'Rosea' – red horsechestnut – T08
Cornus florida subsp. urbiniana – Mexican flowering dogwood – T09
Gelsemium sempervirens
'Woodlanders Pale Yellow' – Carolina jessamine – Butterfly Garden
Loropetalum chinense var. chinense – white Chinese fringe-flower – Butterfly Garden

Viburnum Collection
Viburnum 'Conoy' – Egolf hybrid viburnum – E14
Viburnum obovatum 'St. Paul' – Walter's viburnum – E14

White Garden
Camellia japonica 'Alba Supreme' – white Japanese camellia – WG6
Cercis canadensis 'Royal White' – white eastern redbud – WG6b
Cercis canadensis f. alba – white redbud – WG8
Prunus 'Snofozam' – Snow Fountains® flowering cherry – WG6
Syringa 'Betsy Ross' – hybrid lilac – WG2
Viburnum ×burkwoodii 'Mohawk' – Egolf hybrid Burkwood viburnum – WG5
Viburnum ×carlcephalum 'Cayuga' – Egolf hybrid fragrant viburnum – WG6

Winter Garden
Helleborus ×hybridus (Ashwood Garden hybrids) – Lenten rose – E19
Ipheion uniflorum – spring star flower – E19, E21
Prunus incisa 'Snowcloud' – white Fuji cherry – E21

This show is free. Visit often. – Nancy Doubrava, Interpretive Specialist

April Calendar

Gala in the GardenFriends of the Arboretum Lecture – April 2, 2009 (Thursday) – 7:30 PM – Free for members, $5.00 for nonmembers

"Maintaining a Beautiful, Low-input Lawn in 2009" presented by Rich Cooper, Ph.D., Professor, Crop Science Department, NC State University. Rich Cooper will discuss ideas for maintaining your lawn this season with an eye toward reduced watering, mowing, and other maintenance inputs. Suggestions for proper species selection in North Carolina will also be discussed. Come with your questions and leave with the answers!

JCRA Arborfest – April 4, 2009 (Saturday) – 10:00 AM-3:00 PM – Free

Lecture Schedule

10:00 AM – Frank Franciosi – "Compost Use In Ornamental Horticulture"
11:00 AM – David Orr – "Organic Insect Management"
12:00 PM – Lunch (not provided) break
1:00 PM – Helen T. Kraus, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Anne Spafford, M.L.A., Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Science, NC State University – "Rain Gardening in the South"
2:00 PM – Rhonda Sherman, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, NC State University – "Vermicomposting: Turn Your Garbage Into High Quality Compost"

Master Gardener "Successful Gardening Clinic"

10:00 AM-3:00 PM – The Master Gardeners of Wake County will be available to help you with your gardening questions and to talk about best gardening techniques practices.

Plant Sales

Cliff Parks – primula
Pine Knot Farms – perennials
The Unique Plant – hard-to-find or unusual trees, dwarf conifers, shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses
Weston Farms – "signature" woody plants

Lunch and Refreshments

Bring your own lunch to Arborfest or enjoy hot dogs, snacks, and drinks available for purchase at New York Style Hot Dogs' food cart.

Guided Tours – April 5, 19, and 26, 2009 (Sundays) – 2:00 PM – Free

We invite you and your friends to join us for free guided tours through the Arboretum. Learn about the Arboretum's history, plants, and more. Tours are available to the public free of charge every Sunday (with few exceptions) at 2:00 PM from March-October. Tours are led by a dedicated group of volunteers and last approximately one hour (rain or shine).

Plantsmen's Tour – April 7, 2009 (Tuesday) – 1:00 PM – Free

"Agaves, Yuccas, and Other Woody Lilies" led by Mark Weathington, Assistant Director and Curator of Collections. The JCRA has a world class collection of hardy woody lilies growing right here in central North Carolina. We'll explore this group from our NC natives to our friends from south of the border (the Mexican border, not the border with the tacky signs) including some crazy Frankenstein hybrids.

Friends of the Arboretum Lecture – April 16, 2009 (Thursday) – 7:30 PM – Free for members, $5.00 for nonmembers

"Masochistic Gardening—The Trials, Tribulations, and Painful Pleasures of Growing Woody Lilies and Their Companions in the Carolinas" presented by Tony Avent, Plant Delights Nursery at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. Gardening with woody lilies and their companion plants can be painful, yet enjoyable and rewarding. Most of these plants are native to areas with very low rainfall and high temperatures, yet many of them thrive in the Southeast. If you’ve ever wanted your own desert garden or are just looking for some fantastic drought-resistant plants, Tony’s FOA Lecture is for you.

Pi Alpha Xi Plant Sale– April 18 and 19, 2009 (Saturday and Sunday) – 8:00 AM-4:00 PM and 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Come to purchase rare finds and drought-tolerant woodies, perennials, and annuals. Proceeds from the PAX plant sales are donated to local non-profit organizations to promote horticulture. For more information, contact a Pi Alpha Xi member at (919) 515-3178 or visit

Please visit the "Calendar of Events" section on the JCRA Web site for a complete listing of our upcoming programs.

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