Jimmy V – NC State Cancer Therapeutics Training Program

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Each year, a decreasing number of young Americans perform at sufficiently high levels in the sciences to consider research careers. More alarmingly, there are indications that a large number of aspiring science majors are turned off at some point in their education, opting to choose other disciplines. The biomedical sciences have not been excluded from this trend. Indeed, reports issued by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a variety of additional interest groups have urged that a re-doubling of effort is required to ensure the training of the next generation of biomedical scientists. In response to this call for action, NC State University has partnered with the V Foundation for Cancer Research to create the Jimmy V-NC State University Cancer Therapeutics Training Program. The goal of this training program is to encourage young scientists to pursue careers in cancer research via a unique, hands-on educational approach.

The Program

With an initial $1 million grant from the V Foundation, the training program will encourage young scientists to pursue their interests and become leading members of the next generation of cancer researchers. Promising undergraduate, graduate and North Carolina high school students will be identified through the training program’s competitive application process, and then given the opportunity to become Jimmy V Scholars and to pursue cancer research projects in four NC State laboratories.

These founding labs are directed by Dr. John Cavanagh in the Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, Dr. Jonathan Lindsey and Dr. Christian Melander in the Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Jonathan Horowitz in the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences. These researchers are actively engaged in projects to identify mechanisms that convert normal cells into tumor cells as well as the development of new cancer therapeutics.

Each Jimmy V Scholar will gain hands-on experience in an interdisciplinary environment, working on joint projects between the four laboratories to help identify new opportunities for the development of effective treatments. With additional financial support, this training program will expand to include other laboratories pursuing various aspects of basic and clinical cancer research at NC State. Want to get involved? Follow this link: How to apply: http://biochem.ncsu.edu/JimmyV/

How to help support this program: NC State is committed to raising additional and ongoing funding for this program at NC State University.  For giving opportunities and named scholarship information, please contact Corporate and Foundation Relations or (919) 513-7507.