Hurricanes and Flooding in Eastern North Carolina

In the fall of 1999 Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd hit Eastern North Carolina with vengeance. Disastrous flooding followed.Hurricane Irene hit later adding more rainfall. Teachers, use the ideas, teaching activities, and resources on this web site to help students…

We cannot prevent natural disasters. What we can control is our preparedness, our impact on the environment, and our response to them. "Students of today will become tomorrow's homeowners, developers, and government officials. Now is the time to educate them in all phases of sound land use and to mitigate the loss of property and lives. To make wise decisions in the future, students must understand floodplain management, environmental hazards, and mitigation."
     Jay Michaud, FEMA Region VIII, Mitigation Division
Start with probing questions
  • Challenge students to think about these disasters and their impact. What can we learn from this disaster to make wise decisions now and to prepare for the future?
  • This Inquiry Guide was prepared by Lois Clement, a teacher in the affected area, and her students as they prepared to study the disasters and their effects. (FEMA response to selected questions)
  • Use their questions as a guide to construct a similar Inquiry Guide with your students. 
Background Information Hurricanes caused the flooding:
Teaching Materials
How does it feel? Teachers submit journal entries, flood stories, and art by children and youth who live in the area affected by the hurricane and flooding.
Environmental Education 
Dealing with Disaster
  • Disaster Safety Red Cross information about dealing with different disasters
  • FEMA The Federal Emergency Management Agency with the mission to reduce loss of life and property and protect our nation's critical infrastructure from all types of hazards through a comprehensive, risk based, emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • FEMA for Kids Helps kids who have been in a disaster and helps kids prepare in case of  disaster
  • FEMA Library 
The North Carolina Storms and Flooding
Caring for Animals in Disasters
Success Stories Stories based on the efforts of young mitigators, presentations prepared by students as a result of this study 
  • Re: Field Trip Reflections - FEMA Field Disaster Office, Raleigh by teachers and students of Phillips Magnet School, Edgecombe County, NC, December 5, 1999
Project Participants  This web site is the result of a vision of FEMA employees in the mitigation department. The original intention was to reach out to teachers and students in flooded areas and use FEMA data and resources to facilitate instruction. The GIS Consortium of educators, state and federal agencies joined the quest to provide resources to help people understand what had happened and mitigation measures that could minimize loses in future natural disasters.