Mark Spitz

Mark Spitz - After 1972

By Keith Bottum and Aaron Bass

After winning so many medals, and after just graduating from college, he decided to stop the competitive swimming and become an orthodontist. He figured that he should end his career on a high note. After all, no one had ever won so much in one Olympiad!

However, the public didn't let him go. They wanted him to advertise different products, and act in movies, and basically please the media. But after a while, he discovered he didn't really like (and wasn't very good at) acting. So he stopped. He had won twenty-eight world records and thirty five national records. In 1970 he had married Suzy Weiner. For a while he was an orthodontist. But then, he decided he didn't like being a dentist. He moved to Los Angeles with his wife and promptly installed a swimming pool in his back yard. There, he took up swimming again, and also yachting. He settled down and had a son, and he is now the coach for his son's soccer team.

Then, Mark did the unthinkable. He came back to the Olympics in 1992, and went on to win the gold medal in the one-hundred meter free-style. He also plans to swim in the 1996 Olympics. Maybe, he will win another medal there! Truly, Mark is a remarkable man.

We picked Mark Spitz to be my Olympic hero because we admire him a lot. He was an excellent swimmer, and won a lot of medals. We hope he wins the 1996 Olympics.

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by Keith Bottum and Aaron Bass,
Ligon G/T Magnet Middle School,
Raleigh, North Carolina.