Olympic Practice

Interviews With Visiting Olympians

MidLink Staff with Olympians from Papua, New Guinea, and Fiji Islands

Although Raleigh, North Carolina, is several hundred miles from Atlanta, many of the Olympians practiced for their events in Raleigh and the surrounding area. The MidLink Magazine staff took full advantage of this occasion to interview several international athletes in order to share the moment with you.

  • Marg Crowley, Australia

  • James Goulding and Soloveni Koroi Fiji Islands

  • Mary Estelle Kapula, Papua, New Guinea

  • Lisa Lightfoot, Australia

  • Isireli. Naikelekelevesi, Papua, New Guinea

  • Are any Olympians staying near you? If so, we would love to hear what they have to say about their experience. Please write to us about them.

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