Robin Dodsworth

Robin Dodsworth

Associate Professor
Tompkins 287
919/515-4178 (office)
rmdodswo at ncsu dot edu


Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Linguistics, 2005
B.A., University of Dayton, 2000

Research Interests

Linguistic variation, sociophonetics, social theory and its interface with linguistics, social networks

Recent Publications


2014. Dodsworth, Robin. Community network structure and the reversal of Southern vowels in Raleigh, NC. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics: Selected Papers from NWAV 42.

2013. Dodsworth, Robin. Speech communities, social networks, and communities of practice. In Janet Holmes and Kirk Hazen (eds.), Research Methods in Sociolinguistics. Wiley-Blackwell. 262-275.

2013. Owens, Jonathan, Robin Dodsworth, and Mary Kohn. Subject expression and discourse embeddedness in Emirati Arabic. Language Variation and Change, 25.

2013. Dodsworth, Robin and Mary Kohn. Dialect reallocation in Southern U.S. English. M. Putz, Monika Reif, and J. Robinson (eds.) Variation in Language and Language Use: Linguistic, Socio-Cultural, and Cognitive Perspectives. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. 16-35.

2012. Dodsworth, Robin and Mary Kohn. Urban rejection of the vernacular: The SVS undone. Language Variation and Change, 24: 221-245.

2010. Dodsworth, Robin. Social class. In P. Kerswill, B. Johnstone, and R. Wodak (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Sociolinguistics.

2010. Durian, David, Robin Dodsworth, and Jennifer Schumacher. Convergence in blue-collar Columbus, Ohio, African American and White vowel systems? American Speech, 84, supplement 94: 161-190.

2009. Dodsworth, Robin. Modeling socioeconomic class in variationist sociolinguistics. Language and Linguistics Compass, 3, 5: 1314-1327.

2009. Owens, Jonathan and Robin Dodsworth. Stability in subject-verb word order: From contemporary Arabian Peninsular Arabic to Biblical Aramaic. Anthropological Linguistics 51, 2: 151-175.

2009. Mallinson, Christine and Robin Dodsworth. Revisiting the need for new approaches to social class in variationist sociolinguistics. Special issue of Sociolinguistic Studies, 'Analysing language to understand social phenomena'.

2009. Owens, Jonathan, Bill Young, Trent Rockwood, David Mehall, Robin Dodsworth. Explaining null and overt subjects in spoken Arabic. In Information Structure in Spoken Arabic. Owens, Jonathan and Alaa Elgibali (eds). Routledge.

2009. Owens, Jonathan, Robin Dodsworth, and Trent Rockwood. Subject-verb order in spoken Arabic: Morpholexical and event-based factors. Language Variation and Change 21/1.

2008. Dodsworth, Robin. Sociological consciousness as a component of linguistic variation. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 12: 34-57.

2005. Dodsworth, Robin. Attribute networking: A technique for modeling social perceptions. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 9: 225-253.

2004. Dodsworth, Robin. Attribute networking: A sociolinguistic technique for modeling subjective social space. Berkeley Linguistics Society: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, 30: 69-80.

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ENG 210: Introduction to Language and Linguistics
ENG 324: Modern English
ENG 523: Language Variation Research Seminar
ENG 524: Introduction to Linguistics

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