Caroline Myrick

Caroline Myrick

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Tompkins 206
919-513-8042 (office)
cmmyrick at ncsu dot edu


Ph.D. in Sociology, North Carolina State University, in progress
M.A. in English (Linguistics), North Carolina State University, 2013
B.A. in Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2010
B.A. in Communication Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2010

Research Interests

Language variation and change, Lesser-known varieties of English, Descriptive linguistics, Sociophonetics, Language and gender, Dialect awareness, Community engagement

Recent Publications

2015. Williams, Jeffrey P., and Caroline Myrick. "Saban English." In Jeffrey P. Williams & Peter Trudgill (eds.), The Lesser-Known Varieties of English, Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 144-164.

2015. Reaser, Jeffrey, and Caroline Myrick. "Writing language-based trade books: Making linguistics accessible to lay audiences." Language & Linguistics Compass, 9.5, 198-208..

2015. Myrick, Caroline, and Jeffrey Reaser. "Miriam Meyerhoff & James A. Walker. 2013. Bequia Talk; and Peter Muhlhausler & Joshua Nash. 2012. Norfolk Island." [Book Review.] English World Wide, 36.2, 268-273.

2014. Myrick, Caroline. "Putting Saban English on the map: A descriptive analysis of English language variation on Saba." English World-Wide, 35.2. 161-192.

2014. Myrick, Caroline. "Racial discrimination via linguistic subordination: Support from Marx, Weber, and Du Bois." Fifth Annual Association of English Graduate Students (AEGS) Conference in the Humanities, Raleigh, NC, March 21.

2014. Myrick, Caroline. "Atypical constraint hierarchy in a dialect isolate: Post-vocalic /r/ in Saban English." Linguistics Society of America (LSA) Annual Meeting 90, Minneapolis, MN, January 4.

2014. Myrick, Caroline. "Saban English phonology: An acoustic description and analysis." The Society for Pidgin & Creole Linguistics (SPCL) Winter Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, January 3.

Complete CV

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ENG/WGS 327: Language and Gender (Fall semesters)

ENG 325: Oral & Written Traditions of American English Dialects (Spring semesters)

Course Syllabi

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Uptalk, negative politeness strategies, and Lil Wayne

Awards and Honors

2013-present. Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Department of English and Department of Sociology & Anthropology (dual), North Carolina State University

2014. Reza Ordubadian award for best student paper at SECOL 81. "Big-time variation in small-time communities: Sociolinguistic diversity on Saba."

2013. Thank a Teacher Award, Fall 2013, Office of Faculty Development, North Carolina State University.

2013. Distinguished Capstone Award, Department of English, NCSU. Putting Saban English on the Map: A Descriptive Analysis of English Language Variation on Saba. Under the direction of Dr. Walt Wolfram.

2013. Second place poster award (Humanities and Design category) at 8th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, NC State University

2012. Research support, North Carolina Language and Life Project. Fieldwork collecting and analyzing sociolinguistic interviews on the island of Saba, Dutch Caribbean, (P.I.)

2011-2013. Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Department of English, NCSU.