Outreach Programs

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Recent Outreach Projects

  • 'LingLab: The Podcast'

    LingLab is the brain child of some grad students in the Sociolinguistics program at NC State University. We don't think about it much sometimes, but language touches every single thing we do as human beings. So, linguists themselves are a fascinating group of people because there is incredible diversity in the areas of language that we study. Listen to episodes of LingLab.

  • 'Educating the Educated'

    Educating the Educated: A University-Wide Language Diversity Initiative, is establishing a comprehensive approach to the issue of language diversity on campus. More information here

  • 'First Language - the race to save Cherokee'

    Produced by Danica Cullinan, Neal Hutcheson and Walt Wolfram

    First Language is a documentary film about current efforts to revitalize the Cherokee language, a vessel of knowledge and identity for the Cherokee people. (2014).

  • 'Ocracoke Still Speaks: Reflections Past and Present'

    Produced by Jeff Reaser, Paula Dickerson Boddie, Walt Wolfram of the NCLLP and the Ocracoke Preservation Society (DeAnna Locke, Chester Lynne, Phillip Howard)

    A collection 47 tracks that document the stories and music of O'cockers as they recount tales of the past and reflect on changes underway. (2011).

  • 'Spanish Voices: Spanish and English in the Southeastern United States'

    Produced by Danica Cullinan and Walt Wolfram

    Documentary that explores the growing Spanish-speaking population and the co-existance of Spanish and English through narrative. (2010).

  • NCLLP State Fair Exhibit on Tarheel Language and Dialect

    Original design by Sarah Blackmon; Curators: Walt Wolfram, Neal Hutcheson, and Danica Cullinan

    Exhibit at the State Fair in Raleigh North Carolina introduces visitors to the rich dialect and language traditions of North Carolina as part of the cultural and historical legacy of the state. Interactive dialect quiz, buttons with dialect words and videos are a part of the exhibit. (ongoing).

    Test your pronunciation of North Carolinian place names Do you speak NC?
  • 'Celebrating Muzel Bryant'

    Produced by Charlotte Vaughn and Walt Wolfram
    March 2008 - End of Season 2008

    Museum exhibit at the Ocracoke Preservation Society on Ocracoke Island, NC in honor and memory of Muzel Bryant.

  • Dialect Quiz
  • Participant in the 2007 North Carolina Museum of History Family Day

    Produced by Jeffrey Reaser
    Designed by Charlotte Vaughn

    The NCLLP presented an interactive quiz, testing visitors' knowledge of North Carolina Dialects.

    Take the quiz!

    Requires Macromedia Flash Player. Download Flash Player for free here.

  • 'Freedom's Voice: Celebrating the Black Experience on the Outer Banks'

    Produced by Charlotte Vaughn and Drew Grimes
    May 2006 - February 2007

    Museum exhibit at the Outer Banks History Center in Manteo, NC. Learn more about the exhibit and see photographs here.

  • 'Voices of North Carolina' Dialect Awareness Curriculum

    Developed by Jeffrey Reaser and Walt Wolfram
    Designed by Charlotte Vaughn and Jeffrey Reaser; Media DVD by Drew Grimes

    Dialect Jeopardy

    The Voices of North Carolina Dialect Awareness Curriculum examines a variety of ideas including the systematic nature of all language variation, the notion that everyone speaks a dialect, and the relationship between language, culture, and personal identity. It is designed to be teachable by teachers without any background in linguistics and without support by linguists. Read more about the curriculum, and download copies of the Teacher's Manual and Student Workbook here.

    Included on the curriculum DVD is the interactive game Dialect Jeopardy, which tests students on concepts taught in the curriculum. Play Dialect Jeopardy online!

    Requires Macromedia Flash Player. Download Flash Player for free here.

  • 'This Side of the River: Self-Determination and Survival in the Oldest Black Town in America'

    Produced by Ryan Rowe and Drew Grimes

    Full-length documentary about Princeville, North Carolina. Learn more about the film here.

  • 'The Queen Family: Appalachian Tradition and Back Porch Music'

    Produced and Directed by Neal Hutcheson

    Documentary about the Queen family of Western North Carolina, which has aired nationally on PBS stations. Visit the film's website here.

  • 'Voices of Texana'

    Produced by Christine Mallinson and Becky Childs
    Designed by Charlotte Vaughn

    An oral history project for Texana, a small community in western North Carolina, consisting of a CD and an accompanying book