NCSU Linguistics Faculty & Staff


Agnes Bolonyai

Associate Professor
agnes_bolonyai at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Bilingual first language acquisition and attrition, ‘social grammar’ of code switching, immigrant discourse, identity and ideology in language shift/maintenance, language, gender and power, discourse of emotion, cross-cultural pragmatics

Robin Dodsworth

Associate Professor
rmdodswo at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Linguistic variation, sociophonetics, social theory and its interface with linguistics, social networks

Jeff Mielke

Associate Professor
jimielke at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Laboratory phonology, computational phonology, phonetics, phonetic and phonological variation, sound change, individual differences, language and Autism.

Caroline Myrick

Graduate Teaching Assistant
cmmyrick at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Language variation and change, Lesser-known varieties of English, Descriptive linguistics, Sociophonetics, Language and gender, Dialect awareness, Community engagement.

Jeffrey Reaser

Associate Professor
jlreaser at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Development of dialect curriculum, assessment tools for evaluating language attitudes

Erik Thomas

erthomas at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Sociophonetics, Vowel quality, Prosody, Ethnic variation, Speech perception, Geographical variation, Sound change

Walt Wolfram

William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of English
walt_wolfram at ncsu dot edu

Interests: Language variation, Ethnic dialects of American English, African American English, Dialect recesssion, Dialect awareness and education, Dialect and the public interest


Danica Cullinan

Video Producer
danica.cullinan at gmail dot com

Neal Hutcheson

Video Producer
nealhut at bellsouth dot net

Affiliated Faculty at NCSU

Foreign Languages and Literature

Mark Darhower
Associate Professor
Withers 405
PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Spanish Applied Linguistics; Foreign Language Teaching Methodology; TESOL
mark_darhower at ncsu dot edu

Jim Michnowicz
Associate Professor
Withers 419
PhD, Penn State University
Hispanic Linguistics, Dialectology, Sociolinguistics, Phonology
michnowicz at ncsu dot edu


Ed Kick
1911 Building 316
PhD, Indiana University, 1980
Sociology and Anthropology
elkick at ncsu dot edu


Daniel A. DeJoy
Associate Professor
Winston 227
PhD, Northwestern University, 1975
Communication Sciences and Disorders
ddejoy at ncsu dot edu

Deanna P. Dannels
Director of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development, Associate Director of Campus Writing and Speaking Program, and Associate Professor of Communication
Winston 201A
PhD, University of Utah, 1999
Instructional Communication and Communication Education
deanna_dannels at ncsu dot edu

Stephen B. Crofts Wiley
Associate Professor and Interium Director of CRDM
Winston 202
PhD, University of Illinois, 1999
steve_wiley at ncsu dot edu

Philosophy and Religion

Ronald P. Endicott
Associate Professor and Director of Cognitive Science
Withers 455
PhD, University of Michigan, 1989
Philosophy of the mind, foundations of cognitive science, issues in artificial intelligence, and scientific reduction.
ron_endicott at ncsu dot edu

David D. Auerbach
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Senior Advisor in Philosophy
Withers 343
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Specializes in the philosophy of mathematics, mathematical knowledge, and the philosophy of language.
auerbach at ncsu dot edu

Michael J. Pendlebury
Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department of Philosophy and Religion
PhD, Indiana University
Withers 340C
Main areas of interest are metaphysics and epistemology and related fields, including philosophy of mind and language and meta-ethics.
mjpendle at ncsu dot edu

John W. Carroll
Professor of Philosophy and Philosophy Honors Director
PhD, University of Arizona, 1986
Withers 457
Specializes in the philosophy of science, metaphysics, and decision theory.
carroll at ncsu dot edu

Computer Science

Robert D. Rodman
Engineering Bldg II 2314 (Centennial Campus)
rodman at ncsu dot edu

R. Michael Young
Associate Professor
Engineering Bldg II 2258 (Centennial Campus)
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1999
Artificial intelligence, including planning and plan recognition, natural language processing and the development of computational models of human-computer interaction, task-related discourse, interactive narrative and the design of intelligent systems in computer games.

James C. Lester
Associate Professor
Engineering Bldg II 2264 (Centennial Capmus)
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
Artificial intelligence, intelligent user interfaces, intelligent tutoring systems, computational linguistics.

Affiliated Faculty at Duke

Edna Andrews
DUS Linguistics Program
Department of Slavic Languages
Languages Building 321B
Box 90259
Durham, NC 27708
fax: 660-3141
eda at duke dot edu

Ron Butters
Chair, Linguistics Program & Co-Director, Cooperative PhD Program in English Linguistics
Professor of English and Cultural Anthropology
Allen Building 314
Box 90014
Durham, NC 27708
ronbutters at aol dot com

Luciana Fellin
Department of Romance Studies
Language Center 105
Box 90257
Durham, NC 27708
fellin at duke dot edu

Reiko Mazuka
Department of Psychology
Soc Psych Building 323
Box 90085
Durham, NC 27708
mazuka at duke dot edu

Hae-Young Kim
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Trent Hall 219
Box 90414
Durham, NC 27708
haeyoung at duke dot edu

Karla F. Holloway
Department of English
Allen Building 304F
Box 90015
Durham, NC 27708
karla.holloway at duke dot edu

William B. O'Barr
Department of Cultural Anthropology
Friedl Building 202
Box 90091
Durham, NC 27708
william.obarr at duke dotedu

Liliana Paredes
Department of Romance Studies, on leave Fall 2010
Language Center 205
Box 90257
Durham, NC 27708
lparedes at duke dot edu

Julie Tetel
Chair and DUS, Linguistics Program
Department of English
Allen Building 307A
Box 90015
Durham, NC 27708
jtetel at duke dot edu

Ingeborg Walther
Department of Germanic Languages & Literature
Allen Building 011
Box 90050
Durham, NC 27708
waltheri at duke dot edu

Affiliated Faculty at UNC-CH

Connie Eble
Adjunct Professor
UNC Chapel Hill English Department
Greenlaw Building 407
Campus Box 3520
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
919/ 962-0469
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1970
cceble at email dot unc dot edu

Misha Becker
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Smith Building 301
Campus Box 3155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
919/ 962-5009
PhD, University of California, 2000
mbecker at email dot unc dot edu

Jennifer Smith
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Smith Building 309
Campus Box 3155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
919/ 962-1192
PhD, University of Massachusetts, 2002
jlsmith at

Elliott Moreton
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Smith Building 101
Campus Box 3155
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
919/ 962-1192
PhD, University of Massachusetts, 2002
moreton at email dot unc dot edu

Paul Roberge
Professor, Linguistics
Dey Hall 441
Campus Box 3160
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 919/ 962-0326
PhD, University of Michigan, 1980
ptr at email dot unc dot edu