The North Carolina Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project

The North Carolina Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project (NC SLAAP) is an on-going initiative to develop a comprehensive web-based archive for our sociolinguistic recordings. Through NC SLAAP, NCSU Linguists can access and analyze their recordings from any internet-connected computer. Our current work with NC SLAAP stems from a partnership with the NCSU Libraries.

NC SLAAP's basic features include: a browsable and searchable interface to the archive collection, an audio player with an annotation tool that allows users to associate searchable notes to specific times within the audio files and to listen to those particular passages at the click of the mouse (shown as (3) in the graphic below), and an audio extraction feature that enables users to download excerpts of audio files without having to download or locally store the large files.

NC SLAAP Features
A closeup of some of NC SLAAP's
many features. Click to enlarge.

A wide-array of analytic features include: tools that aid in the extraction and tabulation of linguistic variables, phonetic analysis features, and sophisticated transcript options. A version of Praat, the open-source phonetics software, is integrated into the NC SLAAP software to allow for the instantaneous retrieval of phonetic data (such as pitch or intensity readings) as well as the generation of spectrograms in-line with the transcript text. Corpus-like tools are in development that allow for large-scale linguistic analysis across interviews, speakers, and research sites.

From: Tyler Kendall. 2007. "The North Carolina Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project: Empowering the Sociolinguistic Archive". Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 13.2: Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.