Spanish Voices


The unprecedented growth of the Spanish-speaking population in the Southeastern US; has led to major language issues about the co-existence of English and Spanish. Spanish Voices tells the story of those who have participated in this change-through interviews with recent immigrants, long-term residents, musicians, dancers, language instructors, and students. Their narratives show how their experiences are unique to the Southeast as well as common to language contact situations worldwide

Spanish Voices is a valuable resource that can open rich discussions about language. It should be viewed widely in schools, communities, and by families throughout the country. --Donna Christian, Center for Applied Linguistics


USA | 2010 | 55 minutes | Color | English and Spanish

Special features:
Spanglish (4:05)
Music and Dance (5:00)
Hispanic American Identity (4:50)
Maintaining Spanish (6:50)
Quinceanera (6:35)


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