Tompkins Hall Find Tompkins Hall here on Google Maps, or read the directions below:

The NC State English Department is located in Tompkins Hall, Hillsborough Street, Raleigh NC. Hillsborough Street is a major thoroughfare running from past the NC Fairgrounds to the State Capitol. If driving on the inner beltline (I-440), one would take exit #3 (marked "Hillsborough St.") to reach Tompkins Hall.

If you wish to drive in to visit the department: from the west or Raleigh-Durham International Airport, take I-40 to the Wade Avenue exit. From Wade, turn right onto Brooks and take it down to Hillsborough St. Turn left on Hillsborough, and proceed until you see the Belltower on your right. Turn right onto Pullen Dr. You will come to a roundabout (a traffic circle).

Take the first exit off of the roundabout, go down the hill to the righthand side of the tollbooth. Ask for a "visitor's parking pass". The tollbooth operator will direct you to the Coliseum Parking Deck. Once you have parked, exit the garage and head back towards the railroad tracks, where you will see a tunnel. Cross beneath the tracks and walk toward Hillsborough Street. You will come to the Courtyard of North Carolina, a large grassy area criscrossed by brick paths. Cross the courtyard, and enter Tompkins Hall, the home of the English Department. The Graduate Director's office is in Tompkins 249, and his secretary is in Tompkins 246.

From the east, get to Hillsborough via Edenton or anything else that will get you west of downtown. Then turn left onto Pullen Dr. instead of right. The rest is the same.

Getting to the University from:

Traveling North: Follow to Greensboro, NC, where it merges with I-40.
I-40 will merge with I-440, from which you take exit 3.

Traveling South: I-85 merges with US 1 South in Henderson.
Follow US 1 South into Raleigh, turn right onto Edenton St.
Edenton St. becomes Hillsborough St.

I-40 merges with I-440 in Raleigh. Follow to the Hillsborough St. exit.

Follow I-95 until the I-40 exit in Benson.
Follow I-40 west until it merges with I-440.

US 64 (Outer Banks)
Follow US 64 to Raleigh, where it intersects with I-440.