Voices of North Carolina Dialect Awareness Curriculum

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Beginning February 1, 2011, NC State linguists Jeff Reaser and Walt Wolfram, in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, hosted three hour-long webinars investigating the dialect and language diversity in North Carolina. The webinars are designed specifically for 8th grade social studies teachers, but are open to any interested teachers. Teachers who complete all three webinars and the assigned homework will receive 1 CEU. Also check out the corresponding 8th grade social studies Voices of North Carolina curriculum.

The first webinar (from February 1, 2011) examines the reality of dialects, including debunking popular myths about language and building tools for linguistic analysis.

The second webinar (from March 1, 2011) focuses on regional dialects of North Carolina, including the dialects spoken on the Outer Banks and in the Mountains.

The third webinar (from April 5, 2011) investigates social dialects, including Lumbee English and African American English.

Webinar Powerpoints and Links

Watch the webinars and download the associated powerpoints below. If you wish to download the webinars: right click on the link and select 'save link as' to save the webinars instead of streaming them.

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