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Design                                                                     Nucleic Acids Facility (NAF) at North Carolina State University (NCSU)

    Critical to a project are proper planning and design of each oligo.  To ensure client satisfaction, NAF devotes time and effort to these two aspects in the beginning stages of each client's project.  In this manner NAF gains a complete understanding of the project's purification requirements, assay detection methods and scale-up issues.

    NAF successes have been based on identifying and addressing challenges presented throughout the client's project.  We at NAF want to understand why an oligo performs as required as well as why, if it does not.  In this manner our motto and worth are fulfilled.  NAF considers your oligo order complete only when it has contributed to the progress of the project for which it was intended.

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Synthesis                                      Nucleic Acids Facility (NAF) at North Carolina State University (NCSU)

NAF offers custom oligos with modifications in site specific introduction as our specialty.  Synthesizing oligonucleotides with chemicals as opposed to enzymes ensures certainty of the following aspects.
DNA, RNA, & DNA-RNA chimeras,  200nM  &  1µM
                         Special Orders from 1µM  to  15µM
Oligo Length:   Number of Bases
DNA  -  1 to 125
RNA  -  1 to 45 (more than 45 under special circumstances)
DNA-RNA chimeras  -  1 to 80, limit of 45 for the RNA component
                                         (more than 80 under special circumstances)
Sequence, length of oligo and scale of synthesis can vary the expected yield.  The following estimates of yield are generalizations with no guarantee.
DNA        200nM scale (17 to 20 mer)       yields 1mg DNA
                 1µM scale                                   yields 2mg DNA

RNA        200nM scale (17 to 20 mer)       yields (fill in later)
                 1µM scale                                   yields 600 to 800 µg

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Modification                                                Nucleic Acids Facility (NAF) at North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Site specific incorporation of modified nucleosides is one advantage of chemical over enzymatic synthesis.
At NAF we work with commercially available monomers, and will also consider working with groups preparing monomers that are "home made."

Examples of modifiers used by NAF are -

Glen Research Corporation <>
Fluorescein                     2' - O Me - RNA
Biotin - TEG                    2' - NH ....RNA
Amino modifiers
Chem Genes Company <>

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Ordering Oligos             Nucleic Acids Facility (NAF) at North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Please - Read this first.

Providing specialty oligos is usually an experimental adventure  due to the non-standard nature of each user's needs... and begins with personal contact.
To  initiate your DNA or RNA synthesis order, contact the facility either by telephone or Email with the following information, to clarify your requirements.
Your Oligo Requirements
Specialty  Monomers
Unusual Chemistries
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How We Can Contact You
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