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Gail Jones

Nano Research Area

  • Social & Education Nanoscience

Research Summary

Dr. Jones’ current areas of research:

  • Nanotechnology Education
  • Teaching and Learning Scale and Scaling
  • Haptics (touch) and Learning
  • Gender and Science
  • Innovations in Technology
  • Teaching and Learning science

Research projects include:

  • Scale and Scaling Across Science Domains, which examines how people of different ages conceptualize scale as well as the instructional experiences most effective in teaching scale. The project will outline the trajectory of experiences and knowledge necessary for the development of an understanding of scale.
  • Middle and High School Educational Initiatives such as NanoDays, an annual event that invites the public to visit research laboratories, experience materials science mini-laboratory investigations, and hear researchers talk about scientific advancements.
  • Teacher Workshops and Research Experiences for area middle and high school teachers and students to learn about advancements in nanoscale science.
  • Nanotechnology Curricula created for students in grades 6-12 to learn about scale in the world around them.
  • Undergraduate Education research, which involves the development of new courses in nanotechnology.
  • Graduate Education research by College of Education Masters and Doctoral students that examines how people learn nanoscale science concepts.
  • Community Programs such as Science Cafes, which offer science in accessible and interesting venues.

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