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Michael Dickey

Nano Research Area

  • Nano-Electronics

Research Summary

My research interests are in developing alternative micro- and nano-fabrication techniques and studying the fundamental properties of the materials that are used or produced by these processes.  

Photolithography—a “top down” approach to nanofabrication—is the state of the art in forming nanostructures, but it has several limitations (it is expensive, limited to planar surfaces, has limited resolution, etc).  “Bottom up” techniques (e.g., the formation of nanowires in solution) are capable of forming small structures, but these techniques are generally incapable of creating the long range order necessary to form useful devices. 

I am interested in alternative techniques that address one or more of these limitations (such as, imprint lithography, soft lithography, microfluidics, e-field assisted assembly, templated patterning, etc.)  I am also experienced with photo-curable polymeric materials, particularly those used in both photo- and imprint lithography.   

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