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NC State Nanotechnology Integration Forum -- Spring 2008

Graphic design displaying the six main research themes of the Nanotechnology Initiative.









Dozens of NC State faculty, as well as representatives from state government and industry, attended the Nanotechnology Integration Forum at Park Alumni Center on February 21, 2008. Participants shared information on their nanotechnology-related research and education programs to spark new ideas for cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Welcome & Introduction

Greg Parsons, NC State Nanotechnology Initiative

Invited Speakers

Keith Weninger, Nano-Physical Characterization
James Bonner, Nanomaterials & Health Science
Brenton Faber, Nanotechnology & the Human Sciences
Yong Zhu, Mechanics of Nanostructures
Elizabeth Loboa, Nano-Biomedical Engineering & Mechanobiology
Xiangwu Zhang, Nano-Applications for Energy

Short Presentations

John Hardin, NCnanotechnology: Overview
Jay Lewis, Nanotechnology Initiatives at RTI
Gail Jones, Nano Education
Raj Narayan, The Kenan Fellows Program (video)
Ken Kretchman, Safety Awareness for Work with Engineered Nanomaterials
Russell Gorga, Nanofibrous Composites for Advanced Applications
Candace Haigler, Biogenesis of Cellulose Nanofibrils by a Biological Nanomachine
Jon-Paul Maria, Low Temperature Synthesis of Complex Oxides from Nano-templates
Roger Narayan, Nanoporous Membranes for Medical Applications
Robert Riehn, DNA Nanofluidics
Alan Tonelli, Nano-Processing Polymers with Cyclodextrins
Dale Batchelor, Nanoanalysis: An Enabling Technology for Nano Scale Research
Joe Tracy, Monolayer-Protected Nanoparticles
Mark Johnson, NCSU/MRC Nanofabrication Facility: Supporting ERC Efforts
Greg Parsons, Atomic Layer Deposition on Fibers











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