Welcome to the NC State Department of Chem­istry. Our award-winning re­search­ers and teachers guide stu­dents through a broad, rigorous curri­cu­lum, and our grad­uates have been highly suc­cess­ful in both aca­demia and in­dus­try. Our re­search pro­grams cover a di­verse spec­trum including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, biological, polymers, materials, nanoscience, theoretical, and magnetic resonance.

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Leiah Carey awarded Department of Energy fellowship

Leiah Carey from the Ghiladi lab has been awarded a prestigious Department of Energy fellowship from the Office of Science Graduate Student Research based on her proposal "Mechanistic Studies of a Multifunctional Enzyme Deduced by Neutron Diffraction." In collaboration with Dr. Myles and Dr. Meilleur at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Leiah will spend 9 months in Tennessee at the national lab's High Flux Isotope Reactor and Spallation Neutron Source facilities applying advanced neutron sciences to her graduate research on the enzyme dehaloperoxidase. Posted November 9, 2015

Dr. Alexander Makarov presents at Inaugural Thermo Fisher Scientific Endowed Seminar Series in Hunt Library

The Inaugural Thermo Fisher Scientific Endowed Seminar Series in Analytical Chemistry was held on October 16th in the Hunt Library. Our 2015 distinguished speaker, Dr. Alexander Makarov, presented the evolution and future of the Orbitrap mass analyzer, for which he is given sole credit for its invention, to over 250 people in attendance.
Read more | Posted November 9, 2015

Photos: Professor David Muddiman presents Dr. Makarov with an award for his creativity, innovation, and vision in the field of analytical chemistry (left) and Dr. Makarov engages with graduate students (right) after his lecture.

Phil Castellano elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

Professor Phil Castellano has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. This honor is given to a select group of scientists for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the chemical sciences.
Read more | Posted October 31, 2015

Undergraduate student researcher wins travel award to PittCon

Catie Mason, an undergraduate student in the Sombers' lab, has won the I. M. Kolthoff award sponsored by the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry. This $750 award will fund her travel to PittCon, where she can present her work investigating the chemical mechanisms that underlie the initiation and progression of Parkinson's disease.
Read more | Posted October 30, 2015

NCSU chemistry students, SEED student and alumnus win awards at the NC-American Chemical Society Local Section meeting

Fifty five posters were presented at the 129th local section conference of the North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society on Friday, September 18, 2015. Awards by our students were won in the following categories:

In the High School student division:

  • Chidubem (Naomi) Nwakuche of Sanderson High School and the North Carolina School of Science and Math Online Program
    NC-ACS Project SEED Advisor: Prof. Gavin Williams

In the Undergraduate student division:

  • Sarah L. Stanley
    Advisor: Prof. Reza Ghiladi
  • Vishwas Rao
    Advisor: Prof. Gavin Williams

In the Graduate student division:

  • Kimberly Castelli
    Advisor: Prof. Gavin Williams
  • And BS alumnus Eric Rountree (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    Advisor: Prof. Jillian Dempsey

Their pictures are published in this month's Tarhelium.
Posted October 20, 2015

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