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Visitor Access to Laboratories and Workshops
Where Hazardous Chemicals, Physical Agents, or Processes are Used


Access to NC State laboratories, workshops, and other areas housing hazardous chemicals, physical agents, or machinery is limited to trained and authorized faculty, staff and students of NC State. It is the obligation and responsibility of personnel who arrange for visits to hazardous or potentially hazardous areas to contact the individual or department in charge of the space prior to entry. This will help ensure that those entering any of these areas are adequately protected from hazards and informed about the safety and emergency procedures relevant to their activities. Other persons, in particular young children, are not permitted in hazardous work areas such as laboratories, with the exception of University sanctioned tours and visits or visits authorized by a Department. In these instances, careful supervision must be exercised by the tour leader or other knowledgeable personnel.

Exceptions to the foregoing, such as cooperative use of NC State facilities and equipment by university and corporate researchers or use of university facilities and equipment by visiting scholars, must be approved by appropriate college and university officials, and must be documented by written agreements MOA (Memorandum of Agreement), ATA (Anaylsis and Testing Agreement), Sponsored Research Agreement, etc., signed by an authorized NC State official. Contact your College's Associate Dean for Research to begin the process of obtaining approval for such use of university equipment and/or facilities.