1. Scope, Administration, Requirements

1.1 Abstract

This document standardizes the design, build, and safety criteria for research equipment built at, purchased by, or donated to North Carolina State University. Use of this document will ensure consistency between research laboratories on campus and the equipment suppliers. Its use, however, should not limit or inhibit alternative and innovative methods of accomplishing the objective.

1.2 Objective

To provide criteria for the design / build of equipment to minimize the risk of:

1. Injury to faculty, staff, and students.

2. Fire and associated property damage.

3. Interrupted operation.

4. Shortened equipment life.

1.3 Application

This document provides safety criteria for equipment which involves the use of compressed gases, chemicals, semiconductor processes, etc., designed / built for research use, including new, used, and donated equipment, at all N.C. State University laboratories, field sites, and outpost locations. They shall be applied to the installation of all tools, process, and test equipment to ensure the safety of all faculty, staff, and students, freedom from recognized hazards, and suitability for use. Equipment, which as a complete unit, has obtained a UL® label, or similar listing from a nationally recognized testing laboratory, does not require this inspection.

1.4 Effective Date

This document becomes effective on 11 / 1 / 97.

Document Administration

1.5 Origination Area and Responsibility

The origin and maintenance of this document is the responsibility of the Environmental Health and Safety Center (EHSC) at North Carolina State University.

1.6 Authorization

This document was approved and adopted by the N.C. State Occupational Safety and Health and Council and the Hazardous Materials Committee.

1.7 Compliance

Compliance with this document is the responsibility of the equipment owner. All applicable new, relocated, or modified equipment shall be reviewed by EHSC prior to use.

Existing equipment shall be retrofitted so that it meets the minimum safety requirements designated in this document by the boxed in areas.

1.8 Deviation

Any deviation from the requirements of this document must have prior approval from EHSC. Deviations must not pose a risk to the safety of faculty, staff, or students, or result in noncompliance with any legal requirements.

1.9 Requirements

The requirements of this document are supplementary to the referenced external standards. Compliance with this document does not guarantee conformance with any external standards. Equipment shall comply with applicable portions of the latest revisions of the National Electrical Code© (NEC) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards.

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