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Physics Education Research (PER) is a dynamic field, with many opportunities for growth and additional study. What was once being done in just a one or two physics departments is now a vital part of scores of high schools, colleges, and universities world-wide. Basically, PER is concerned with increasing our understanding of how students learn physics. PER-based development tries to design instructional environments and curricular materials that take advantage of advances being made in our knowledge of physics students and how they grapple with the concepts of physics. You might want to start with a poster that describes many of our recent activities. Perhaps you are interested in the Physical Review journal. We have a poster for that, too! Click on the buttons above to check out what else we're doing at NC State!


Updated October 19, 2004 by (e-mail) Dr. Robert J. Beichner, (e-mail) Dr. H. Vince Kuo, NC State Physics Department