Office of International Services

Departmental Responsibility Regarding J-1 Visiting Scholars

Before you start the process of requesting a DS-2019 for a Scholar, please make sure the following eligibility requirements apply to your Scholar:

  • The Scholar has a Bachelorís degree in hand at the time of application. If there is question as to whether the Exchange Visitorís degree is the equivalent of a Bachelorís degree, a third party credentials evaluation may be necessary.

If the Scholar does not yet have a Bachelor's degree, but is an enrolled degree seeking student in their home country, please visit here for information on the J-1 Student Intern Program.

  • The Scholar can provide proof of sufficient funding for the duration of their stay ($1,500 per month for the J-1, $650 per month for spouse, $350 per month for each accompanying child). Please note that if a range of funding is given such as $1,400 - $1,800, OIS will use the lower amount when calculating financial information.
  • The Scholar has an NC State Faculty supervisor during their entire stay.
  • The Scholar is eligible for an HR appointment within the department.
  • The Scholar's English language skills have been assessed by the NC State Faculty supervisor and are sufficient for the Scholar to interact with English speakers and conduct research at an American university.

When you are ready to proceed with the process, please find an outline of your responsibilities as the host below. Please also find a concise checklist of the administrative process of bringing a J-1 Scholar to NC State University.


  • Submit to OIS completed and signed Request for DS-2019 along with funding documentation and the passport biographical page(s) for the Scholar and accompanying family members.
  • Send Form DS-2019 along with the pre-arrival information hand-out and a copy of their Rights & Responsibilities form received from OIS to the Exchange Visitor, so they can apply for their J-1 visa abroad.
  • Initiate appointment (new hire) in the HR system. OIS will provide you with the Campus/Employee ID number.
  • Forward copies of any changes or relevant correspondence to OIS (e.g., change in dates, change in funding amount, cancelation, etc) as soon as possible. Notify OIS if the Scholar communicates difficulty in obtaining a visa and will not be able to report to campus before program date indicated in item 3 of the DS-2019 (a change in dates and a new DS-2019 may be necessary).

Upon Arrival:

  • Schedule a check-in appointment with OIS for the scholar (Check-in session is held every Wednesday at 10 AM Ė scholar should arrive at 9:45 AM to complete necessary paperwork). Scholars are required to check in with OIS within 30 days of their program begin date indicated on their DS-2019 or their record will be automatically canceled.
  • Update/complete any appointment information in Campus Community system. OIS will update visa type and any employment authorization or restrictions in Visa Permit Data Panel. Arrange ride to Social Security Office for Scholars who will be paid and do not already have a Social Security number.
  • Assist Scholar with temporary housing, airport pick-up, required paperwork, and other settling-in issues and questions. Provide departmental orientation.
  • For paid employees, be sure all necessary departmental and University employment procedures are met (background check, I-9, e-Verify Ė only after SEVIS record is verified at OIS and Social Security number has been received). Paid employees must meet with the Universityís foreign national tax specialist to complete tax forms.
  • Please note that if the Scholar does not receive health insurance through NC State, they are required to purchase their own health insurance.

During the Scholarís Stay:

  • Please notify OIS in advance of any changes to the Scholar’s stay here:
  • For a program extension, please submit a new Request for DS-2019 (Form B only with appropriate funding documentation).


  • Please inform OIS when a Scholar completes their stay and leaves, is terminated, decides to change program or transfer to another program sponsor, or does not return/continue after travel abroad. The Scholar should complete and submit the Departure Form.


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