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Hosting Exchange Visitors

In addition to the written material on this web site, OIS has prepared a short video presentation explaining the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa. To view this presentation click below:

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Welcome! This section of our website is specifically designed for Faculty Sponsors, Personnel Representatives, Supervisors and other departmental staff working directly with J-1 Exchange Visitors (“Scholars”). You will find an overview of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, the categories available in the J-1 program, the type of (research) positions available at NC State University and the visa options appropriate for each position, as well as an overview of other visa options available at NC State. You will also find helpful links to more detailed background information should you need it.

In our left hand menu, the link reading “Departmental Responsibilities” gives you a comprehensive checklist of what to do when hosting a Scholar. You will find sections addressing what to do pre-arrival, upon arrival, during the Scholar’s stay and upon departure. Under Faculty & Staff Resources, you’ll find links to all forms, resources and training materials. Information sessions for Faculty & Staff are held every second Thursday of the month – topics and locations are announced on the Updates & Newsletters web page.

If you are looking for NC State or Community resources helpful to exchange visitors, please refer to the Practical Resources section specifically designed for J-1 Scholars. You’ll for instance find information on how to apply for a SSn and NC driver’s license, housing options, health insurance resources, English language resources, cross-cultural programs, etc.

OIS adheres, in general, to a college liaison model to provide continuous support to NC State faculty & staff. Please visit this link for your college liaison's contact information.