Office of International Services

Teaching Cross-Culturally

This web page is specifically designed and written for American Faculty who teach and advise international students. On this page, you will find a list of resources you can provide to your international students relevant to achieving academic success at NC State University.


Resources for Academic Success at NC State for International Students:

  1. The Academic Resources tutorial for international students
  2. The Academic Integrity tutorial for international students
  3. The Code of Student Conduct:
  4. To learn how to use various citation styles:
  5. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on academic integrity:
  6. Graduate School Handbook:
  7. Undergraduate Tutorial Center:
  8. Virtual Advisor for undergraduate students:
  9. NCSU Library Resources:
  10. Online Center for Student Success:
  11. OIS tutorial on how Cultural Dimensions influnce Communication Styles
  12. OIS tutorial on Adaptation and Culture Shock
  13. OIS International Virtual Companion (NC-VC) in Moodle - Introductory Video
  14. OIS Documentary - Educational Systems: Tacit Knowledge and Effective Cross-Cultural Communication