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Time to check the map I printed from the Paddle Trails web site! All the Paddle Trails maps and images accessible through this interface are listed here for your convenience. The graphic (.jpg) files are for viewing the maps and will work with any web browser. The Adobe (.pdf) files are available for printing and viewing details but require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader enables you to magnify areas of the maps.

To seach for a particular water body by name, use the Water Body/Trail Names by Region list.

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The Map Names depict the identification numbers of the paddle trail/s shown. The trail naming convention details are listed at the bottom of the page. Descriptions of the Skill Levels and Difficulty ratings are also listed below.

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Map Name and Link to Page .JPG/.GIF .PDF
Coastal Region Paddle Trails Map cst_reg.gif cst_reg.pdf
Coastal Region Paddle Trails Map with County Names cst_reg_co.jpg cst_reg_co.pdf
Albemarle Region 1
Camden (CA), Chowan (CH), Mainland Currituck (CU), Gates (GA), Pasquotank (PA), Perquimans (PE)
aregion.jpg aregion.pdf
A-GA-1, A-GA-2 a1.jpg a1.pdf
A-CH/GA-1, A-CH-2 a2.jpg a2.pdf
A-PE-1, A-PE-2 a3.jpg a3.pdf
A-CH-3, A-CH-4, A-CH-5, A-CH-6, A-PE/CH-3 a4.jpg a4.pdf
A-CA-3 a5.jpg a5.pdf
A-CA/PA-4, A-CA-1 a6.jpg a6.pdf
A-CU-1, A-CU-2 a7.jpg a7.pdf
A-CA-2, A-CU/CA-3 a8.jpg a8.pdf
A-PA/PE-1, A-PA-2 a9.jpg a9.pdf
Outer Banks Region 2
Outer Banks of Currituck (OBCU), Outer Banks of Dare (OBDA), Outer Banks of Hyde (OBHY)
obregion.jpg obregion.pdf
No trails currently designated

Pamlico Penninsula Region 3
Beaufort (BE), Mainland Dare (DA), Mainland Hyde (HY), Tyrrell (TY), Washington (WA)
ppregion.jpg ppregion.pdf
PP-WA-3, PP-WA-4 pp1.jpg pp1.pdf
PP-TY-1, PP-WA-1, PP-WA-2 pp2.jpg pp2.pdf
PP-DA-3 pp3.jpg pp3.pdf
PP-DA-1, PP-DA-2, PP-DA-4, PP-DA-5 pp4.jpg pp4.pdf
PP-HY/TY-3, PP-TY-2 pp5.jpg pp5.pdf
PP-HY/BE-1 pp6.jpg pp6.pdf
PP-HY-2 pp7.jpg pp7.pdf
PP-BE-1 pp8.jpg pp8.pdf
Lower Neuse Region 4
Carteret (CA), Craven (CR), Pamlico (PA)
lnregion.jpg lnregion.pdf
LN-PA-1 (northern portion), LN-PA-2 through LN-PA-14 ln1.jpg ln1.pdf
LN-PA-1 (southern portion), LN-PA-15, LN-PA-16, LN-PA-34, LN-PA-35, LN-PA-36 ln2.jpg ln2.pdf
LN-PA-22 through LN-PA-33 ln3.jpg ln3.pdf
LN-PA-17 through LN-PA-21, LN-PA-37 through LN-PA-44 ln4.jpg ln4.pdf
LN-PA-45 through LN-PA-54 ln5.jpg ln5.pdf
LN-PA-55 through LN-PA-62 ln6.jpg ln6.pdf
LN-CR-1 ln7.jpg ln7.pdf
Southern Coast Region 5
Brunswick (BR), New Hanover (NH), Onslow (ON), Pender (PE)
scregion.jpg scregion.pdf
SC-BR/CO-1 sc1.jpg sc1.pdf
SC-BR-32, SC-BR-33, SC-BR-34 sc2.jpg sc2.pdf
SC-BR-30 sc3.jpg sc3.pdf
SC-BR-27, SC-BR-28, SC-BR-29, SC-BR-31, SC-BR-35 sc4.jpg sc4.pdf
SC-BR-26 sc5.jpg sc5.pdf
SC-BR-23, SC-BR-24 sc6.jpg sc6.pdf
SC-BR-1 through SC-BR-4, SC-BR-21, SC-BR-22, SC-BR-25 sc7.jpg sc7.pdf
SC-BR-12 through SC-BR16, SC-BR-18, SC-BR19, SC-BR20 sc8.jpg sc8.pdf
SC-BR-7 through SC-BR-11, SC-BR-17 sc9.jpg sc9.pdf
SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36 (southern portion), SC-BR-5, SC-BR-6 sc10.jpg sc10.pdf
SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36 (southernmost portion) sc11.jpg sc11.pdf
SC-ON-1, SC-ON-2 sc12.jpg sc12.pdf
Cape Fear Region 6
Bladen (BL), Columbus (CO), Cumberland (CU), Robeson (RO), Sampson (SA)
cfregion.jpg cfregion.pdf
CF-RO/CO-1 (northern portion) cf1.jpg cf1.pdf
CF-RO/CO-1 (southern portion) cf2.jpg cf2.pdf
SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36 (northern portion) cf3.jpg cf3.pdf
SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36 (central portion) cf4.jpg cf4.pdf
Mid-Neuse Region 7
Duplin (DU), Greene (GR), Johnston (JO), Jones (JN), Lenoir (LE), Wayne (WA), Wilson (WI)
mnregion.jpg mnregion.pdf
No trails currently designated

Roanoke-Tar Region 8
Bertie (BE), Edgecombe (ED), Halifax (HA), Hertford (HE), Martin (MA), Nash (NA), Northampton (NO), Pitt (PI)
rtregion.jpg rtregion.pdf
RT-HA/NO/BE/MA/WA-1 (northern portion) rt1.jpg rt1.pdf
RT-HA/NO/BE/MA/WA-1 (central portion) rt2.jpg rt2.pdf
RT-HA/NO/BE/MA/WA-1 (southern portion) rt3.jpg rt3.pdf
RT-HE-1, RT-HE-2, RT-HE-3 rt4.jpg rt4.pdf

Trail Naming Convention
  • The trail names can be broken down as follows:
    "region letter"-"County/ies the trail is in"-"trail number"
    Example: A-CH/GA-1 is in the Albemarle Region (A), is in Chowan and Gates counties (CH/GA), and is trail 1 in that combination of region and counties (1).
  • More than one county may use the same abbreviation, but no two counties in the same region use the same abbreviation. In these cases, the region abbreviation and the county abbreviation are used to determine the county.
  • The county abbreviations for each county in a region are listed with the region names in this list and on the local trail pages.
  • Trail names listed in a region, that contain county abbreviations not listed for that region, cross into adjoining regions.
  • Not all counties in a region contain trails.
  • Extremely long trails may cross regions but the trail name will remain the same. In this case, a trail name listed in a particular region may begin with a region abbreviation different than that of the region.

Skill Levels
The following approximate skill levels have been given for each trail.
  • Beginner (B) - paddlers who are just learning how to paddle. This value is used to identify those bodies of water that are well protected and for short outings.
  • Novice (N) - paddlers who have some paddling experience and have obtained some skills dealing with more open water, winds and endurance. This value is used to identify those bodies of water that are somewhat protected and for moderate length outings.
  • Intermediate (I) - paddlers who are in good physical condition and have developed good paddling skills dealing with open waters and occasional strong winds. This value is used to identify those bodies of water that are open, affected by occasional strong winds and involve longer outings.
  • Expert (E) - paddlers who have obtained excellent paddling skills, are in good physical condition and feel comfortable paddling in open waters with strong winds or currents. This value is used to identify those bodies of water that are open, affected by strong winds or currents, and involve longer outings.

Difficulty Ratings
The following approximate difficulty ratings have been given for each trail.
  • Easy (E) - Suitable for beginners or novices. These waterways provide a good learning environment where the paddler can improve their paddling skills.
  • Moderate (M) - Some paddling skills are required. These trails may involve somewhat open water affected by winds, tides, currents and other hazards. Some situations may occur where self-rescue is required.
  • Difficult (D) - Considerable paddling skills are required. These trails may involve open waters (such as large rivers and sounds) that are affected by strong winds, currents and other hazards. This value is used to identify the longer trails in the system that are exposed to the most extreme conditions found along the North Carolina coast.

NOTE: These ratings are applicable to typical paddling conditions during warm weather and water temperatures above 65 degrees. These values are to be used as guides when making your outing plans. They are not definitive and more or less extremes may be experienced by those using the waterways. No assumption of liability is claimed by anyone associated with the publication of this guide.

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