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Water Body/Trail Names by Region

Careful, we're coming to the edge of the image! The paddle trails shown on this web site are listed here by their names in alphabetical order, by region. If you are looking for a particular trail or water body area, try searching this listing. You may also want to search using the maps if you know the area in which the trail resides. Clicking on a name will link you to the local map page where the trail is shown and described.

Please note that trails are listed by individual water body name. Some trail names include multiple water bodies or multiple trails so the local page may list the description of two trails together. In this listing they are listed individually. For example: the Town Creek/Rice Creek Trail will be listed twice as "Town Creek/Rice Creek Trail" and "Rice Creek" but will link to the same place.

The trail naming convention details, the Skill Levels and Difficulty ratings are listed on the map list page.

(Trail IDs may pertain to one or more water bodies.)
Water Body/Trail Name and Link to Map Page Trail Identifier
Coastal Region Paddle Trails Map
Coastal Region Paddle Trails Map with County Names
Albemarle Region 1
Camden (CA), Chowan (CH), Mainland Currituck (CU), Gates (GA), Pasquotank (PA), Perquimans (PE)
Albemarle region map
Areneuse Creek/Mill Dam Creek Trail A-CA-2
Bennett's Creek Trail A-GA-2
Bennett Millpond A-CH-3
Big Flatty Creek Trail A-PA-2
Cape Colony A-CH-6
Catherine/Warrwick Creek Trail A-CH/GA-1
Dillard Creek Trail A-CH-2
Dismal Swamp Canal Trail A-CA-3
Goodwin Creek/Perquimans River Trail Trail A-PE-2
Indiantown Creek Trail A-CU/CA-3
Little River Trail A-PA/PE-1
Merchant's Millpond Trail A-GA-1
Mill Dam Creek A-CA-2
Moyock Creek/Northwest River Trail A-CU-1
Northwest River A-CU-1
Pembroke Creek Trail A-CH-4
Perquimans River A-PE-2
Queen Anne Creek Trail A-CH-5
Rockyhock Creek/Bennett Millpond Trail A-CH-3
Sawyers Creek Trail A-CA-1
Trestle House Inn/Cape Colony Trail A-CH-6
Tull Creek Trail A-CU-2
Upper Pasquotank River Trail A-CA/PA-4
Upper Perquimans River Trail A-PE-1
Warrwick Creek A-CH/GA-1
Yeopim Creek/Yeopim River Trail A-PE/CH-3
Yeopim River A-PE/CH-3
Outer Banks Region 2
Outer Banks of Currituck (OBCU), Outer Banks of Dare (OBDA), Outer Banks of Hyde (OBHY)
Outer Banks region map
No trails currently designated
Pamlico Penninsula Region 3
Beaufort (BE), Mainland Dare (DA), Mainland Hyde (HY), Tyrrell (TY), Washington (WA)
Pamlico Peninsula region map
Alligator River Trail PP-HY/TY-3
Conaby Creek Trail PP-WA-4
Goose Creek State Park Trail PP-BE-1
Kendrick/Mackeys Creek PP-WA-3
Lake Mattamuskeet Trail PP-HY-2
Lake Phelps Trail PP-WA-2
Lower Milltail Creek Trail PP-DA-1
Lower Scuppernong River Trail PP-TY-1
Mackeys Creek PP-WA-3
Northwest and Southwest Forks PP-TY-2
Pungo River PP-HY/BE-1
Sandy Ridge Run Trail PP-DA-4
Sawyer Lake Trail PP-DA-5
South Lake Trail PP-DA-3
Southwest Forks PP-TY-2
Upper Milltail Creek PP-DA-2
Upper Scuppernong River Trail PP-WA-1
Lower Neuse Region 4
Carteret (CA), Craven (CR), Pamlico (PA)
Lower Neuse region map
Alligator Creek Trail LN-PA-39
Bay River North Shore Trail LN-PA-17
Bay River LN-PA-27
Bay River, South Prong Trail LN-PA-18
Bay River South Shore Trail LN-PA-37
Bear Creek/Bennett Creek Trail LN-PA-30
Bennett Creek LN-PA-30
Blossom Creek LN-PA-29
Brices Creek Trail LN-CR-1
Brown Creek LN-PA-57
Burton Creek Trail LN-PA-56
Cabin Creek Trail LN-PA-49
Cedar Creek Trail LN-PA-24
Chadwick Creek Trail LN-PA-33
Chapel Creek Trail LN-PA-20
Clark Creek/Long Creek Trails LN-PA-4
Day's Landing to Spring Creek LN-PA-48
Dixon Creek Trail LN-PA-10
Gale Creek/Bay River Trail LN-PA-27
Gideon Creek LN-PA-57
Goose Creek Island Kayak Trail (northern portion) LN-PA-1
(northern portion)
Goose Creek Island Kayak Trail (southern portion) LN-PA-1
(southern portion)
Green Creek Trail LN-PA-54
Greens/Smith/Morris/Kershaw Creeks Paddle Trail LN-PA-62
Gum Thicket Creek Trail LN-PA-60
Harper Creek Trail LN-PA-21
Horse Island Creek Trail LN-PA-6
Israel Gut Trail LN-PA-7
James Creek/Middle Prong Creek Trails LN-PA-5
Jones Bay Loop Kayak Trail LN-PA-16
Kershaw Creek LN-PA-62
Little Bear Creek/Blossom Creek Trail LN-PA-29
Little Pasture Creek Trail LN-PA-43
Little Vandemere Creek Trail LN-PA-25
Long Creek LN-PA-4
Long Creek Trail LN-PA-26
Lower Broad Creek/ Brown/Gideon/Tar Creeks Paddle Trails LN-PA-57
Lower Eastham Creek Trail LN-PA-13
Mason Creek LN-PA-41
Maw Point Kayak Trail LN-PA-51
Middle Bay Trail LN-PA-15
Middle Prong Creek LN-PA-5
Moore Creek Trail LN-PA-42
Morris Creek LN-PA-62
Neuse River Kayak Trail LN-PA-58
No Jacket Creek Trail LN-PA-34
Orchard Creek Paddle Trail LN-PA-61
Oyster Creek Trail LN-PA-2
Oyster Creek Trail LN-PA-28
Pamlico Point Trail LN-PA-3
Paris Creek Trail LN-PA-59
Pasture Creek Trail LN-PA-45
Paton Creek Trail LN-PA-11
Pittman Creek Trail LN-PA-55
Plum Creek Trail LN-PA-32
Racoon Creek Trail LN-PA-19
Rice Creek Trail LN-PA-44
Riggs Creek Area Trails LN-PA-50
Riggs Creek Trail LN-PA-31
Sampson Landing Creek Trail LN-PA-9
Simpson Creek Trail LN-PA-47
Smith Creek LN-PA-62
Smith Creek Trail LN-PA-22
Spring Creek Area Trails LN-PA-52
Spring Creek Paddle Trail/Day's Landing to Spring Creek LN-PA-48
Spring Creek Trail LN-PA-14
Swan Creek Trail LN-PA-53
Tar Creek LN-PA-57
Tar Creek Trail LN-PA-35
Thomas Creek Trail LN-PA-40
Trent Creek LN-PA-38
Upper Ball Creek Trail LN-PA-46
Upper Eastham Creek Trail LN-PA-12
Vandemere Creek Trail LN-PA-23
Wallace Caraway Gut Trail LN-PA-8
Whealton Creek Trail LN-PA-36
Southern Coast Region 5
Brunswick (BR), New Hanover (NH), Onslow (ON), Pender (PE)
Southern Coast region map
Bald Head Creek Trail SC-BR-11
Bald Head Island Trail SC-BR-17
Beaverdam Creek Trail SC-BR-20
Brunswick River Trail SC-BR-5
Buzzard Bay/Muddy Slough Trail SC-BR-10
Calabash SC-BR-33
Calabash River Trail SC-BR-34
Cape Creek Trail SC-BR-7
Cape Fear River Trail (southernmost portion) SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36
(southernmost portion)
Cape Fear River Trail (southern portion) SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36
(southern portion)
Coward Creek Trail SC-BR-14
Davis Creek Trail SC-BR-4
Deep Creek Trail SC-BR-8
Denis and Piney Point Creek Trail SC-BR-19
Dutchman Creek Island Trail SC-BR-12
Dutchman Creek Trail SC-BR-15
Elizabeth Creek Island Trail SC-BR-13
Elizabeth River Paddle Trail SC-BR-18
Fish Factory Trail SC-BR-16
Intracoastal Waterway/Holden Beach North Trail SC-BR-25
Intracoastal Waterway/Holden Beach South Trail SC-BR-26
Intracoastal Waterway/Shallotte Point SC-BR-27
Intracoastal Waterway/Sunset Harbor Trail SC-BR-21
Hammocks Beach Canoe Trail SC-ON-1
Holden Beach North SC-BR-25
Holden Beach South SC-BR-26
Howells Point Trail SC-BR-3
Huggins Island Trail SC-ON-2
Jinnys Branch SC-BR-31
Lockwoods Folly Trail SC-BR-1
Lower Lockwoods Folly River Trail SC-BR-22
Middle Lockwoods Folly River SC-BR-24
Mill Creek Trail SC-BR-23
Molasses Creek Trail/Coward Creek Trail SC-BR-14
Montgomery Slough Trail SC-BR-2
Muddy Slough SC-BR-10
Ocean Isle Beach/Sunset Beach Trail SC-BR-32
Ocean Isle Trail SC-BR-30
Piney Point Creek SC-BR-19
Rice Creek SC-BR-6
Saucepan Creek/Jinnys Branch C-BR-31
Shallotte Creek Trail SC-BR-28
Shallotte Point SC-BR-27
Shallotte River Trail SC-BR-29
Sharon Creek Trail SC-BR-35
Smith Island Trail SC-BR-9
Sunset Beach to Calabash Trail SC-BR-33
Sunset Beach SC-BR-32
Sunset Harbor SC-BR-21
Town Creek/Rice Creek Trail SC-BR-6
Waccamaw River Trail SC-BR/CO-1
Cape Fear Region 6
Bladen (BL), Columbus (CO), Cumberland (CU), Robeson (RO), Sampson (SA)
Cape Fear region map
Lumber River Trail (northern portion) CF-RO/CO-1
(northern portion)
Lumber River Trail (southern portion) CF-RO/CO-1
(southern portion)
Cape Fear River Trail (northern portion) SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36
(northern portion)
Cape Fear River Trail (central portion) SC-BR/NH/CO/PE/BL/CU-36
(central portion)
Mid-Neuse Region 7
Duplin (DU), Greene (GR), Johnston (JO), Jones (JN), Lenoir (LE), Wayne (WA), Wilson (WI)
Mid-Neuse region map
No trails currently designated
Roanoke-Tar Region 8
Bertie (BE), Edgecombe (ED), Halifax (HA), Hertford (HE), Martin (MA), Nash (NA), Northampton (NO), Pitt (PI)
Roanoke-Tar region map
Chinkapin Creek Trail RT-HE-3
Potecasi Creek Trail RT-HE-2
Roanoke River Trail (central portion) RT-HA/NO/BE/MA/WA-1
(central portion)
Roanoke River Trail (northern portion) RT-HA/NO/BE/MA/WA-1
(northern portion)
Roanoke River Trail (southern portion) RT-HA/NO/BE/MA/WA-1
(southern portion)
Wiccacon River Trail RT-HE-1

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