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Pamlico Peninsula Region 3 contains the following counties:
Beaufort (BE), Mainland Dare (DA), Mainland Hyde (HY), Tyrrell (TY), Washington (WA)
Coastal Region Paddle Trails Map with county names.

The trail names can be broken down as follows:
"region letter"-"County/ies the trail is in"-"trail number".
More detail on the Trail Naming Convention is available on the map list page.

Trail Descriptions

PP-HY/BE-1     Pungo River, 11 Miles
Skill Level: Beginner Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 3-6 Hours
The black waters of the Pungo River are the setting for the Pungo River Trail. Beginning near the community of Ponzer at Riverside Campground, the trail follows the river upstream through many turns and twists, intriguing the canoeist as to what's around the next bend. As you make your way upstream the trail transforms from a small winding stream to a large wide canal, as the upper portion of the river was channelized to more efficiently drain the thousands of acres of farmland in the area. There are several loops between the old river channel and the channelized stream that are worth exploring.
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Access Name/Description: Latitude: Longitude:
(1) Riverside Campground, Located off NC 45 near Ponzer

(2) NC 45 Bridge near Union Grove

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