North Carolina Coastal Plain Paddle Trails

Sunset on the Carolina coast. Numerous Canoe and Small Boat paddle trails in coastal North Carolina have been compiled onto reference maps. This site divides the coastal plain of North Carolina into eight regions, based approximately on watersheds. These regions are further divided by their respective counties. To locate trails on local trail maps:

  1. Select the coastal map to view the trail regions;
  2. Select a region map to view its trail maps;
  3. Select a trail map to veiw specific trails;
  4. Select a trail to veiw its description.
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Coastal Region Paddle Trails Map

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NOTE: These maps and the accompanying "North Carolina Coastal Plain Paddle Trails Guide"
map should not be used for navigational purposes. (Please use nautical charts or
topographic maps instead.) For more detailed transportation information, use the
North Carolina state highway map (toll free: 1-877-DOT-4YOU) and/or county road maps.

The "North Carolina Coastal Plain Paddle Trails Guide" is a 38 x 26 inch map that shows the general location of all the currently mapped paddle trails in the coastal plain. The guide is designed to help paddlers plan trips by providing a complete view of the coastal trail distribution. Trail identification numbers, names, difficulty ratings, skill levels, time and distance estimates, access points and trail contact information is included.

For additional information on the paddle trails
or to receive the hardcopy map guide, contact:

NC Division of Parks and Recreation
345-B Park Entrance Road, Seven Springs, NC 28578
Phone: (919) 778-9499      E-mail:

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