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Evan Richards
email: etrichar at ncsu dot edu

    Evan was born in Dallas, TX and graduated in 1999 with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, where his studies emphasized microwave and milli-meter wave device design. In 2000, he earned a MS (also in Electrical Engineering) from Georgia Institute of Technology. Evan then worked at TriQuint Semiconductor as a Product Engineer, starting in 2001. Soon after, he began classes at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) to earn his Master's Degree in Physics in Spring of 2004. He moved to North Carolina and began work in Physics Education Research (PER) in the Fall of that same year.
    Given the emerging use of incorrect solutions in learning material (for example, see TIPERs "What If Anything is Wrong Tasks", or ISLE "Evaluation Tasks"), Evan is interested in what actions students exhibit when examining incorrect solutions. 
    As part of his duties at UTD, Evan ran the Undergraduate Electronics Laboratory. During his time at NC State, Evan has gained experience working as a TA and Instructor of Record in the SCALE-UP classroom, and he has been a TA for the Matter and Interactions labs. Additionally, Evan has contributed to the revision of the Matter and Interactions laboratories and instructor resources. He was also a member of the TA training design and development team for the NC State Physics Department. In addition, Evan led the design and development effort for the qualitative research laboratory housed within the Physics Education R&D group's facility and funded by the STEM Education Initiative.

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