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Note that many of these articles are available online in PDF format. Click on the title to view downloadable articles

Hsu, L., Beichner, R., Cummings, K., Kolodner, J., and McCullough, L., "Publishing and refereeing papers in physics education research". In Physics Education Research Conference-2007, edited by Leon Hsu, Charles Henderson, and Laura McCullough (American Institute of Physics, Greensboro, NC, 2007), pp. 3-6.

D. E. Meltzer, L. McDermont, P. R. L. Heron, E F Redish, and R J Beichner, Call to AAPT about PER articles in Am. J. of Physics, 2004. Supplementary material is available.

R Beichner, "Discussion of new journal for PER,"  (North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 2004), pp. 10.

Robert J. Beichner, Richard Hake, Lillian C. McDermott, Jose Mestre, Edward Redish, Frederick Reif, and John Risley, "Support of Physics-Education Research as a Subfield of Physics: Proposal to the NSF Physics Division," unpublished white paper.

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