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Lin's Headshot Lin Ding
 email: lding at mps dot ohio-state dot edu

    Lin was born in Shanghai in the People's Republic of China, and graduated in 1998 with a BS in Engineering from FuDan University. After an additional two years of graduate work there in electrical light sources and optics, Lin began a program at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. There, he studied Spectroscopy (Vibration of Germanium Clusters) and earned his Master's degree in 2002. Lin then moved to North Carolina and joined the NC State PER group in Spring 2003.
  Among his accomplishments in PER, Lin validated BEMA. He has completed his thesis project: designing an energy assessment for Matter and Interactions classes.
   Lin has experience working as a TA in the SCALE-UP classroom and as a TA in Matter and Interactions labs.

  Lin is now working as a post-doc at The Ohio State University.



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