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Physics Education Mailing Lists

These lists use the standard LISTSERV protocol. To subscribe to a list, send a message to the server address with the following line in the body of the message. (The subject line can be left blank)

Subscribe listname your name

where listname and your name should be the name of the list and your name, respectively. To send a message to everyone on the list, send your message to the list address.

To remove yourself from a list send a message to the server address with the line

signoff listname

in the body of the message.

Physics teacher discussion list
server address:

list address:

PHYSics LeaRNing Research list. Discussion of physics education specifically. server address:

list address:

Technical Aspects of Physics List. Discussion of lab equipment, demonstrations, and so on.
server address:
list address:

Discussion of physics and physics teaching, primarily on the high school level.
server address:

list address:

Last updated: 2/2/2007
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