Frequently Asked Questions

For current students:

1)How does the GEP work?

2)I want to change my major into a major other than engineering:

3)I want to change my major to another engineering major. What should I do?

4)When does my course registration begin?

5)Can I take required courses at another institution?

6)Can I take classes that count toward a graduate degree while I’m still an undergraduate?

7)Can you get me into a closed class?

8)Can you get me into a class for which I don’t meet the pre-requisites?

9)I didn’t get into BME, but I want to continue and try again next year. What should I do?

10)What is the difference between MAE 206, MAE 208, MAE 301, and MAE 314 for MAE- majors and non-MAE-majors?

11)How can I get into a class outside of the BME department that is restricted?

12)I am interested in applying for graduate school in the JBME department. Where can I find out more information?

13)What is a good minor to complement my biomedical engineering major?

14)How do I declare a minor?

15)I am an incoming freshman. How do I register for my first semester of classes?

16)I am an incoming transfer student. How do I register for my first semester of classes, and whom should I contact with questions about my transfer courses?

17)How can I get into a full class?

18)How can I take more courses after I complete my degree and graduate?

19)Can my BME adviser help me get into non-BME courses?

20)How do I change a course to audit before the last day to drop a course?

21)I have taken or plan to take a course at another college that I intend to transfer to meet one of my biomedical engineering curriculum requirements. How can I make sure the course will transfer? (This includes study abroad.)

22)My AP credit does not appear in my degree audit. How can I fix this?

23)I want to add/drop a course after the last day to add/drop. Can I do this?

24)How does the grade exclusion policy work?

25)How many times can I repeat the same course?

26)I am repeating a course that has a corresponding lab. Do I need to retake the lab, as well?

27)I have a hold on my account that is preventing me from registering. How can I get the hold removed?

28)I have been notified I am on academic warning and need to meet with my adviser. What should I do?

29)I have been academically suspended. Can I take classes while I am on suspension, and when can I return to school?

30)I received an email notifying me that I am on progress toward degree warning. What does this mean?

31)I plan to or have withdrawn from NCSU. Will the credits I have already earned expire, and how can I enroll if I decide to return?

32)What is the difference between a co-op and an internship, and when is the best time to apply for one?

33)Can I receive course credit for an internship or engineering-related job?

34)Is there a course that will help me prepare for the fundamental of engineering (FE) exam, and is the class required to take the exam?

35) How do I apply for scholarships, and what are my odds of receiving one?

36) I am interested in doing undergraduate research. How do I get started?

37) How can I get an official copy of my transcript?

38) How are GPAs calculated, and where can a find an online GPA calculator?

39) Can I place out of a course (credit by examination)?

40) How and when do I apply for graduation?

41) Where and when are the departmental and university graduation ceremonies?

For future students:

1)What is the deal with NCSU and UNC joint program?

2)How do I transfer to BME?

3)Can I be admitted into the rising junior class?

4)Can I visit?