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July 19, 2005

Beef quality workshop focuses on vaccines

Photo of workshop participants enjoying dinner
More than 75 cattlemen enjoyed their dinner at Sky King Ranch in Sanford, sponsored and catered by several livestock associations.

Cattlemen from Moore, Lee, Harnett, Robeson and Chatham counties participated last month in a Beef Quality Assurance program on “Injection Site Blemishes” at Tom Zone’s Sky King Ranch near Sanford. North Carolina Cooperative Extension partnered with county livestock associations and Fort Dodge Animal Health to conduct the workshop.

Food animals require regular vaccinations, but 11 percent of the carcasses marketed today have at least one injection site blemish. The beef industry loses about $7 - $10 for each fed heifer or steer marketed due to injection site lesions. These visible lesions are not just unsightly, but also pose significant tenderness problems associated with lesion-afflicted lean tissue.

During the workshop, 79 cattleman and Extension agents participated in viewing and touching beef that had been damaged by an injection that was done improperly. Multiple-use needles, dirty, bent, broken or dull needles may lead to injuries or infection at the site of injection.

The workshop was organized by Tyrone Fisher, area specialized livestock agent for Cumberland, Harnett and Lee counties, Sam Croce, Chatham County livestock agent, and Randy Wood, livestock agent for Moore and Montgomery counties. Fisher says that cattleman could see significant savings by following recommendations from the workshop.

Posted by Natalie at July 19, 2005 09:59 AM